Work In Progress

Work In Progress

A Poem by Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Call and response - my friend T, for whom I wrote at least two other poems including Hour Lily and Eversuch, recently wrote me a poem and I wrote one in response (T- 9/1/2017, Jon - 9/6/2017)

Work In Progress
You, tender soul,
whom I have disappointed at every turn
still you let me follow your posts
you have roots where mine are arboreal, thin and numerous and weak without dialogue, frayed and torn with bustling activity
you know in the present tense people whom I long ago lost
or left
or was discarded by
so through you alone I hear the echoes of their childhood laughter
and wonder
how I might have been different, with those roots shared, strengthened by time connection common experience... Lilies.
Who are you, now? How different? Do your fingers fold looseleaf as before: where has that talent evolved to?
I hope, but I can't know.
For I have disappointed you at every turn
and am far out as Voyager
from your monkey sphere
I don't know what to do with these artifacts of friendship, and I want your present consent, at the tables where I sit: what can I say to amplify your voice?
Your hope
Your reservoir to do the hard work you do
To nourish the roots I see deepening, away over there
with nothing scribbled out
What do you need from the world? I still want to help, I have a few resources....
Your words are grace
whither weather into stillness
heptagonal framed crystal fallen
distilled essence
consolidating rivulets
Gratitude and recognition
thank you
I see and honor your essential divinity
As always
I'm deep soul diving
and balancing infinities
grokking paradoxi
party of one, bring your own god
Trying to make sense
of cents and scents
chimeric alchemy
the chaos of orbits
deja vu with groundhogs
dance your cares away
despite diaspora
we got us, babe
I've been nursing injuries
At all levels
Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
I can see the light
But my toes are still tangled 
In thorny tumbleweeds
I need what we all do:
A vision, mission, or purpose -
Something to love;
And the usual space, time, money, therapeutic aids…
Some sort of studio laboratory gallery
The first half is coming into focus
The last part is a balancing or act
I apologize for the awkwardness
during my desperate
trials towards self-sufficiency
We can't always
see the beauty and pleasure
in our own pain
I can offer as recompense
only peace, love, and dithyramb
and present my artist's license
and the title of my pièce de paix:
"Work In Progress"
In less poetic terms -
I'm doing physical, psychological, and spiritual therapy
Trying to address things at different levels
Even though I know that separateness is an illusion
Biding time in public housing
Until I'm healthy or aware enough to work again without further injury
I'm still trying to break into the areas
Of biofeedback, neurohacking, and self-diagnostics
While also engaging with and expressing 
The creative essence
I'm still struggling, though much much less than before
I know a good part of where I need to be
But still have some frustrations
Regarding how exactly to get there

© 2017 Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

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Added on September 6, 2017
Last Updated on September 6, 2017
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Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana
Joℏn / Jack / Turtle / Kurmasana

Port Jefferson Station, NY

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