Confusion of heart

Confusion of heart

A Poem by JRB

If the thoughts are false, so are the words that follow, leaving memories lost to time.



Here it comes again


Thru force of habit

Into my consciousness

As it assaults

My memories

With visions

Of a devastating soul

Held in the undergrowth

Of a mischievous sprite


With that of a cherub


Retelling the story of a soul

In life’s synchronization

As it journeys

In slow motion

Towards its own end

Haphazardly and insubstantially

Moving in verses

Thru beats of confusion

On her emotional canvas

She called life


Painting stories

With perverted colors

Attached to deceptive hands


Wrapped in a forged heart

Continuously raising false hope

Thru the composition of her words

Of those haunting times

Where the reality she created

Merged into fragments of an imagination

Where fantasy and reality

Where unattainable

To undo her wordiness


In this ultimate world of confusion

That she called her life

I lost track of my certainty

While being, drawn into her fantasy

I found myself

Under a muddled story

Staring thru clouded eyes

At the account of her life

Not lived

Not loved



In my endless doubts

I found myself


Silent to my own words


With disappointments

While fluctuating

Between what is factual

Or unreal


Will time persuade

My emotions to restore

My truth of certainty

Do I have the inner force

Time is quickening

While humiliating

My being of person


You believe

I feel not a thing


Because I am,


Beyond my emotional


Obscured within a thick deposit

Of lies,

Falsehoods and deceptions

I still cry


I ask why no more




Confusion of heart


Copyrights Reserved


© 2012 JRB

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Absolutely love it. Beautiful use of words

Posted 3 Years Ago

"Painting stories
With perverted colors
Attached to deceptive hands"
--provocative; this is a truly lovely piece, and the imagery here is astounding.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I thank you kinly for your words,
I love this it's great the image of the cherub is so nicely put against the more darker images and I also love the Idea of 'pictures painted by perverted colours
That has a really strong impact and effect, nice work

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

your words mean alot to my work thank you kindly, live strong

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Grantville, PA

To my writes, I have been told that my writings, relate to the poetic styles of, John Donne, George Herbert, and many other early 17th-century English poets. By believing that enlightenment c.. more..

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A Poem by JRB