In the Night Time

In the Night Time

A Story by Julia

    A sweet warmth covered in the room like a blanket. The darkness swept over everything breathing. The two worked as a team to pull the soul out of the body lying limp on the bed. It resisted, twisted and turned but was fighting an incredible strength. It was weak and losing rapidly. Eyes fluttered, breathing steadied, grips were tightened and then dropped all together.  The soul was always pulled out first from the feet; the head of the soul was the last thing to be taken. The night gently peeled the soul out from under the damp body but soon got stuck. A sigh was heard and the soul struggled within the brain to find a peaceful medium. Just a glance into the mind would have shown the obvious. Unrest, twisting and turning, all the drawers of the mind unlocked and open. Thoughts swirled around like paper in the wind. Papers ran smack on into the soul, who, a little perturbed, absorbed them all and staggered in every direction. Suddenly it felt heavy and slow. It became passive, near sedated. The night seized the opportunity and ripped the rest of the soul right out, carrying up and beyond to its resting place until morning came. A chair was left spinning in the wind, as papers began to settle and the storm slowed to a stop. Like a breath held too long, an ease settled over the room as the body went to sleep.

© 2010 Julia

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Added on April 4, 2010
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