A Chapter by jaztien

This is the story of two bestfriends, bounded together by love but separated by fate and destiny.

 December 27
Beaufort, North Carolina 

Every life starts with letter “l” and ends with “e” and so does love. But in a life where love couldn’t exist, do you have what it takes to live? I do.
Every person is a writer itself. Even you, could write something that is worth reading. And I am here because I need to write this story that has changed my life forever. A story every one of us might have heard. Though this story is quite common I must say that somehow this one is more special especially to me because I was the first and only one who have heard it before. I know that there are people trying to fathom why I am saying this and what exactly is the story that I decided to call it special. The answer is simple yet complex. Simple in a way that it would let us feel and truly understand what true love means. But complex in a manner that it would make us cry and relive all those sad memories each and every one of us tried to erase as it tries to teach us that everything happens for a reason.
Right now, I am sitting in the porch sipping coffee on a cold winter together with my wife and as the temperature slowly drops down, I could not do anything but cry as I remember each part of that story. It was so touching that I wanted to turn back the time so I could spend more time with my wife. Suddenly, the cold breeze flew that I zipped the jacket I was wearing which my wife knitted and gave as a gift on our golden wedding anniversary. It was then that I realized that I could only be happy and contented when I was with her. It was such a fine time to spend with her. She has been my whole life. All those memories that happened fifty-nine years ago was such a joy to the heart that I promise not to forget them. It was just like yesterday. I never thought that time would fly that fast.
I am now seventy-six and still, I could remember that special year when I was seventeen down to its finest detail. The background, the music and each word I have spoken.
“Dear,” my wife called. She stared at me for a long time and still, her crystal clear eyes have never changed it appearance. It was still the way it used to be. Though she was not getting any younger and her face is starting to be covered with wrinkles, she was still the same girl I knew. The same I girl I have promised to love for the rest of my life. “Can we have a dance?” she asked.
I smiled at her and all the memories of our past started to come alive in my mind. Tears started to fall down on my old cheeks. It was the best feeling someone could ever have.
I stood up though it’s quite hard at my age right now, and danced with her. There was no music, no beautiful scenery. Just me and her. She was still as lovely as ever. I wish that I could rewind the clock and go to the time that I met her so that I could spend more time with her.
Soon enough, everything started to fade away as if time went back fifty-nine years ago. We were seventeen again.
As I closed my eyes and lay my head upon her fragile shoulders, everything became crystal clear. I can already feel my heart drop and slowly skip its beat. My time is running down. I know that there might be a chance that I could no longer open my eyes but that will be fine with me Everything turned the way it is. Like they say, everything was already planned. Life is all just like a big jigsaw puzzle. It all depends on how the owner picks up and put everything together. We just have to live life as if we never know what will happen tomorrow and the day after. It is all up to fate ad destiny though at many points in our life, we suddenly don’t want to believe it.
And by that reason, I started to give my life to destiny. It is because of him that I met her. So right now, I am giving him my life back. It is all up to him. And even if he took away my life now, I would still be happy. Because I spent the last remaining seconds of my life with my wife. It was the best memory I would ever have.
 But before my time runs out, I want to tell you that story that changed life that I have read from a small notebook that has torn throughout the years. Because I believe, that someday it will change yours too.
It will… it just will…

© 2010 jaztien

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Added on July 26, 2010
Last Updated on July 27, 2010
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