I Pledge Thee...

I Pledge Thee...

A Poem by Jennifer Johnston

For all that lived ad all that died,

each day I bear each child’s blues,

I’ll carry yours in wallet spaces,

the debt of which is soon accrued.

And set thy bets on the darkest horses,

carry plastic photocation,

promote the rustic otter forces,

lest ye rise to each lewd provocation.

My Christian station disappeared

amongst the static roping laces,

and flipping birds soft bellies crowning,

you find their nests in the strangest places.

And collared crows do caw and shriek,

and carry on in b*****d hovels,

drumming hops in flutes so lovely,

the lions brawl in banded halls.

Drag thy feet on organ pedals,

cast each line with sick precision,

search for the ore to cast the medals,

forget the crux of your decision.

For each and every cell that swims,

that squirms in some obscure attraction,

with understanding vent the arbor,

and join the sweetest, lofty faction.

Be far from swayed in stormy patches,

break the buds on arthritic knee,

pour the wax in ears forgiving,

and break the bones that start with me.

Metatarsals, carpal tunnel,

flying carpets with seller’s tags,

fill the air with hordes of water,

and taste the wholesome, lovely dregs.

Watches glow for seconds only,

enough for eyes to see the set,

and end to worry of courting minutes,

and work inside a hedging bet!

My token used to rest on fingers,

one for every lustful sign,

but now my promise ring securely rests

on the pretty line above my thigh.




© 2014 Jennifer Johnston

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Added on June 16, 2014
Last Updated on June 16, 2014
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Jennifer Johnston
Jennifer Johnston

CO, Bangladesh

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