To be Honest

To be Honest

A Poem by Jennifer

    I don’t ask for humans to be perfect, but WHY? If there was another planet, I rather live there than being stuck here, surrounded by monsters and villains. It’s like everything is fake, people, feelings, I feel more like in a nightmare than having a sweet dream. It’s like everything affects me. Maybe I do wrong by deciding not to want to know what happens around me, like ignoring the news and all that stuff. It’s just that..I feel anger really deep inside, and my heart hurts, YES it hurts because of people doing wrong and taking the lives of innocent people. Have you thought that that person in danger would be you one day? To be honest, we should be afraid even from opening the door and going outside, because we never know what could happen. Since when? That’s my question, and I know it’s a dumb question because there’s no specific answer to it. Why do people are so weak sometimes, why do we gotta hurt others, why can’t we forgive? Why can’t we be positive about life? We’re just animals in the forest, trying to survive, and sometimes run for our lives. Why bother making other’s lives miserable? It’s just a shame when people do that. I don’t know what people gain for killing others, I’ll never understand! And I’m such a good person that I don’t wish them the death, I can’t imagine myself thinking of disappearing someone from the Earth. I’m tired, sleeping is more comfortable, having a nice dream where there’s no wrong or right, there’s not evil, a peaceful place, that would be great to imagine, but with open eyes. I wish everything would change, like if it’s gonna be possible right? Stupid of me.  I’m just here writing, almost falling asleep and even so with so many thoughts waiting in line to be written. If words have the power to change people, why doesn’t have it to change the world? All is left is to wish for the good of our home and people…

© 2018 Jennifer

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Being honest with myself...

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Added on October 3, 2018
Last Updated on October 3, 2018
Tags: #reality, #evil, #damage, #people, #innocent, #bad



Miami , FL

I just like to write what it comes to my mind.... more..

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A Poem by Jennifer