Oh my Momma Dearest

Oh my Momma Dearest

A Poem by jessy123

Oh my Momma Dearest,
Will you hug me tonight?
Tell me another story,
And pretend everything's alright.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
Push me down the slide,
Kiss my booboo too.
You search, I hide.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I got an A today,
And won the spelling bee too.
Can my friends and I go and play.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I met a boy in school,
I'd like for you to meet him.
I remember, that's your number one rule.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
We got into a big fight,
It was big this time.
I'm thinking of running away tonight.

Oh my Momma Dearest.
I feel alone again,
You seem even more mad today.
I remember when you were my best friend.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I hate to hate you now,
But that's just what I feel.
That's all my feelings allow.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I really don't know what changed.
I don't know why you hurt me.
Everything seems so disarranged.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
My life turned to hell.
You use to be there for me,
I'm trapped in this tiny cell.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
Please not another fight,
I promise I'll try harder,
This time I'll make everything alright.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I can't stand to see you.
I hate your presence everyday.
And everything you put me through.

Oh my Momma Dearest
School is almost finished.
And I can finally escape,
I finally can stop being diminished.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
I was accepted in the furthest college.
I'm free from you now.
I'm done looking over the edge.

Oh my Momma Dearest,
These past years were pitiful.
Such hate in ones house.
Living with you was critical.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
It's been a few years now.
I'm getting married soon.
To never be like you is something I'll vow.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
I'm glad you didn't come.
Thanks for never calling too.
But to think, you're a mom.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
I got more news.
I'm going to be a mom!
But my baby won't live with alcohol abuse.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
It's a little girl,
She'll dress pretty in pink,
and have ribbons in her curls.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
She was born today,
She looks like you too.
We named her May.

Dear my Momma Dearest.
I'm on a plane tonight.
I got my tickets this morning.
For the fastest flight.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
I warned you about your drinking.
But what I said came true.
for you to quit was just wishful thinking.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
I'm at your funeral.
It's just me, that all.
And I can't help but say it's beautiful.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
You're finally at rest.
You don't have to suffer.
Forget all that was repressed.

Dear my Momma Dearest,
I'll hug you once more tonight,
I'll read you a story too,
And pretend everything is alright.

© 2015 jessy123

Author's Note

ignore grammer, I'm horrible with that.

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This is a truly heartbreaking reality of living with alcoholism. A very descriptive piece of how one can change as their addiction grows worse. Treatments are available if that's what one wants or needs; but one has to choose that path it can't be chosen for them. I am sorry to you if this was autobiographical; please have a great day and thanks for sharing such a beautifully written piece.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you so much, thank god it isn't an autobiography, but I knew a few who suffered or still suffe.. read more
this is certainly a sad write

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Sad but in today's society it's more then true. Lately I find it hard to believe even your bloodline.. read more

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Added on July 30, 2015
Last Updated on July 30, 2015
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---------, NJ

I don't like these..... Figure me out more..