The Title Track Of My Life's Album (The One That Makes It Worth Buying)

The Title Track Of My Life's Album (The One That Makes It Worth Buying)

A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

Just as my life starts to fall apart and I feel that no one will ever love me again, I meet the one that does, and helps put it back together again.


The Title Track Of My Life's Album (The One That Makes It Worth Buying)

When I was little,

I can remember



what it would be like

to be in love

I remember wanting it so bad

To have a family

To be married

To be in love

And I can say now

Years later

I have been there

I've been in love

A few times now

I've been married

I've had a family

And you know

It's not everything I expected it to be

I watched as my marriage fell apart

Destroyed from the inside out

My family taken away

My heart broken

You see,

It seems all my life

I was trying to search for love

Forcing it into my life

But now I think

Maybe love isn't something to be searched for

Maybe love isn't something I should be trying to find

Maybe hopes of love

Is something to be left behind?

But as the world would have it

The second I decided that love should be left behind

I met the man that would change my mind

When I was not looking

When I was not searching

For love in my life

I would very possibly meet a love

The love of my life

A man that would sweep me completely off my feet

And capture my heart

As it was falling apart

A man that would want everything with me

Including my little family

Who would change his life

His rules

Just to take a chance

To be with me

I guess I thought they were all the same.

They come into your heart

To make you fall in love

And then tear it apart.

But maybe that's not true

Maybe I have it wrong

Maybe love

And I mean true love

Real love

Comes together like a finished song

Maybe all I've had before is scattered choruses

And broken verses

But all wrong

Maybe it's about time

Because if true love is like a song

I'm pretty sure I've found mine.

© 2016 jumbie's #1 fan

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Added on April 9, 2014
Last Updated on May 20, 2016


jumbie's #1 fan
jumbie's #1 fan

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A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan