Nobody Told Me Depression Was My Server Today

Nobody Told Me Depression Was My Server Today

A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

these days, depression is about as common as going into a restaurant


Nobody Told Me Depression Was My Server Today

Step into the restaurant
And we'll draw you up a seat
Pitch black or blood red?
It's you we want to meet

Right this way
You're table's almost ready
Watch your step please
These stairs aren't very steady


Here we are now
This is your seat
Go ahead, sit back and relax
Kick up your feet

Enjoy a glass of water
Half empty is our specialty
Your server will be with you in a moment
We're really quite busy

If that's all you need
I must be on my way
People to greet
More to make my day...


(A few moments later)


Good morning, afternoon, or evening
What it is, I'm not quite sure
Winter, summer, spring, or fall
I don't really know the temperature
It's cold, I know, but that's how we like it
Yes, it's dark in here, but our tables are dimly-lit


I am your server today
But think of me as your new best friend
Someone to stay here until the very end
But since that's a little far off
I'm here to listen to you talk


Oh yes, I heard about his death
Mmhmm, yes, his and the rest
Also that person who broke your heart
Dear child, it must be tearing you apart
Don't forget what your father did you
That mother of yours too

You want my advice? Just end it all.
You can't go further down
If there's nowhere left to fall


Oh how silly of me
I haven't even introduced myself
My name is Depression
And anything you need
I can be of help


May I interest you in the menu?
Our specials today include
A bottle of pills, a small revolver
And a razor blade platter
Why are you looking at me like that?
My darling, what is the matter?

This wasn't what you were expecting?
Well, don't you know where you are?
Oh you thought this was a restaurant...
A little off, but not too far...


Busy, the greeter said we were
But you don't see anyone around
Why is that, you wonder

I'll let you in on a secret
It's part of our appeal

You aren't the only one in here
Oh yes, it's very real
We make you think you are alone
Well, just the server and yourself
No one to turn to
No one to cry to for help


See this black robe?
This here is my uniform
I am your personal demon
Though I seem warm
I'm here to keep you in your darkest of days
Keep you wandering in this hopeless maze


So pick an item
Whatever it may be
Welcome to the Suicide Selection
My name is Depression
And I will be serving you daily.

© 2010 jumbie's #1 fan

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I loved it! Awesome how you made a depression poem actually funny yet kind of serious but mostly funny!!!

Yes I know that sentence didn't make sense.....I'm okay with that. Anyway, awesome poem! You totally deserved to win that contest!
Don't worry I'm not stalking you, i just saw it on the winners box lol

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was absolute gold. This completely blew my mind! Man, i could completely relate to this so much hehe. Extraordinary piece of writing hun. Awesome job, totally!! :)


Posted 11 Years Ago

I LOVEEEE THIS POEM!! i absolutley adore the 2nd 3rd & 4th stanzas. :) you're VERY good at writing poetry. :D keep up the good work

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ah juli. I LOVED "half empty, it's our specialty"
and, btw, when are you finishing that book I was reading?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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jumbie's #1 fan

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