A Picture Perfect Murder Frame

A Picture Perfect Murder Frame

A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan

i wanted to write something sad


“Don’t do this” she cries.

But I don’t listen.

“Stop it!” she sobs.

But I’m already too far gone.

“We can make this work!”

No, no we can’t.

“I love you.”

No, no you don’t.

If you loved me

If you loved me

You wouldn’t have left

I wouldn’t have a gun pointed at your chest.

You’re beautiful.

The sweat dripping off your face

The sadness in your eyes

The hurt

It’s the worst

But nothing hurts

More than it did

When you took him away

When you decided for me

Whether or not you take a life

My life

A life that was not your own

You took it

You did

Who made you God?

Why did you do it?

Why did you?

Didn’t you think I’d love him too?

But you decided.




We created it.

And you destroyed it

Decided not to tell me

Thought you could hide it

Didn’t think I would find out

But I did.

So what will it be?

Tell me.


You wanna play God?

Shoot me.



“No, I can’t!”

Why not? You shot him.

“What? I never shot anyone!”

You took away his life.

Or what could have been.

“I just didn’t want to deal with it!”

Didn’t want to DEAL?

DEAL with our son?


Well maybe I don’t want to deal with YOU.

Baby, consider this our break-up.

A last goodbye

I’m done with your lies.

So do it.

Because if you don’t.

I’m gonna do it.

So what’ll it be my darling?

“It doesn’t have to be this way!”

Oh yes.

I think it does.

You know it does.

Take me

Like you took him.

That’s right.

Put your finger on the trigger.

Point it at my chest.

Do it.

Pull it.

Kill me

Kill me like you killed him.




“I’m not a murderer!”


“I’m not!”


“I’m not a MURDERER!”


Drop the gun

Start to run

“Oh My God!”

“What have I done?”

You did what you thought was right

And now you’ve earned yourself a sleepless night

And many to come

Come on, wasn’t this fun?

Don’t you like putting things into your own hands?

Deciding decisions.

Making revisions

This is life.

So live with it.

This is  life.

No one gives a s**t.

© 2010 jumbie's #1 fan

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Oh holy God! This was quite a heart-pounding one, man! Very tragic, and the details were amazing! Scary at every turn. Yea, it does remind me of The Dark Knight in a way hehe. Great work!


Posted 10 Years Ago

this was thrilling! brings up the morality question, right and wrong.... and actually kind of reminds me of the dark knight and the morality questions it raises

nicely written

Posted 10 Years Ago

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jumbie's #1 fan
jumbie's #1 fan

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A Poem by jumbie's #1 fan