The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

A Story by jimmy45

                            The Lighthouse


The salty air was heavier tonight but had that same familiar November chill. He watched a freighter glide silently out of port and into the harbor with only her bow and stern lights to guide her.

He missed sailing.  Every night he would walk along the jetty trying to recall the events that brought him here. Tonight as he reached the lighthouse something felt different. He walked in checked the lock on the door, then went over and sat in a chair.

Above the chair is a window that holds a view of Barton Bay.

This is his nightly routine, this is his home.

His name is Aiden Thomas twenty-four years of age and a sailor with the British Royal Navy. Aiden is tall and strong, striking green eyes and dark hair. Every day at dawn Aiden prepares the lighthouse for his guest. Ten years ago the local historical society claimed the lighthouse and the land on which it stands a historical site. Throughout the year, tourist and school children visit the lighthouse. Aiden makes every effort to show how proud he is of the lighthouse. As a young boy in Westchester, England Aiden would dream of becoming a great sailor in the Royal Navy; to this very moment he has done so. One night while walking the jetty his steps were slow and deliberate as if he were avoiding something.

                     He stayed outside of the lighthouse until dawn. When he finally entered he felt unsure of his surroundings; he was nervous, angry.” No one comes in again” he shouted. He locked the door and went up to the light of the house. He felt as though his energy was draining, the anger built inside him. Several hours passed, Aiden walked to the East side of the lighthouse perch. He noticed a small crowd gathering at the park near the beginning of the jetty. ‘’Not today and never again” he shouted, Aiden went downstairs to confront the crowd. He saw a man in a Royal Navy uniform; he was holding the flag of Great Britain.

Aiden stayed in the doorway, the man in uniform spoke of bravery, honor, and commitment. After about fifteen minutes, the flag was saluted and the crowd slowly started to leave. ‘’ Bollocks!’’ said Aiden, more tourist and kids he thought. Aiden started walking towards where the crowd was gathered, there were a woman and small child still looking at the new stone, they were crying. As the woman and child were walking away, Aiden’s pace quickened. He stopped to read the plaque on the stone. Screaming, he turned to run after the woman and child. The boy felt a hand on his shoulder;

At the same time the boys’ mother heard her name. They turned around; there was no one, just the cold November wind coming off the bay. The boy ran back to the stone and fell to his knees reading it again.


                        In memory of Aiden Thomas

                         Gunner Second Class

                           HMS Tristone




© 2015 jimmy45

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I like the twist on it, but could have been a bit longer. Built up the suspense and spotlit the strangeness of the day. Thank you for sharing. :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on September 11, 2015
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Temecula, CA

very new to writing and I would love to get to know other writers more..

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