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Last night I watched a documentary about Katrina.


WOW! If the way the government handled that situation doesn't wake you up to it's ineptitude nothing does, nor will it ever.

The Feds totally blew it.


The State totally blew it.


The City totally blew it.


And the people who are waiting around for these guys to come to the rescue . . . still? You are totally blowing it!

Lookit, you gotta get off your collective asses, ban together and help yourselves cause that empty road in front of your house ain't filling up soon with repair trucks and barrels of money.


The money's on it's way to Wall Street and the repair trucks ran out gas in the white mans neighborhood.

You people know what triage means?


That means that in combat if you make it back to the field hospital after being wounded the doctor does a quick check to see how bad the wound is and if you are about to die. If in his opinion you are, they wheel you behind the tent to make room for the guys who have a better chance of pulling through.


Guess where you guys in the lower ninth ward are?

And that extremely large Charity Hospital that's just sitting there empty after all these years? Wasn't that the hospital where most of you poor went for health care?


Well, bad news, the government is still arguing about whether rebuilding it would be worth while cause it would cost so much money, in fact millions of dollars.

You people gotta understand that when your sending 12BILLION dollars a month to shore up a government in Iraq (who doesn't even give a s**t in the first place) you're gonna be a bit strapped right now.


You are expendable. Iraq got a nice cot and a hot cup of coffee inside the triage tent . . . sorry, hope it don't rain on you too much out back.

The fact is that in a situation as large and as bad and as catastrophic as Katrina was, in spite of the advertisement, government is too large, too cumbersome, too disorganized to really do much to alleviate your situation.


Unless you are a person of means you are written off till, like the old black man said, “I never seen that woman (local councilwomen for his district) till election day. Then she's down here knocking on my door looking for votes.”


That about says it all.

Now you take Katrina and you ask yourself what would have happened in this country had we been attacked with a nuke . . . or take the closer fact that when this social/economic situation spreads and things really get rough for you, who you gonna call?


The Feds?


The State?


The County?


Ghost busters?


How about your neighbor?

You better get your collective minds straight BEFORE the deed and get this stuff figured out. Have a plan of action. Don't sit around relying on Uncle Sam. It's your a*s on the firing line. Preserve it.


Find your Way to survive without him.


© 2009 Jim Walters

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Added on September 21, 2009
Last Updated on October 2, 2009


Jim Walters
Jim Walters


been an airborne soldier...been a hippie . . . been a religious nut . . . been an Alaskan fisherman and off season bush rat . . . been a carpenter/home builder. Am a husband . . . a painter . . . .. more..

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