A Poem by Joyeta

To burn the old thoughts and light the new one




Life is a precious token            From Whom hasn’t directly spoken.                   Creation is very ungrateful      Creation misuses His peaceful.         Creation dominates His erection                                       Saying for ages, they have no valuation                     For Him, all are equal                                                            By two, human come in a squeal.                                      But men forgets the importance                                       By doing so, they become impotent...                            He sent preachers to eradicate  discrimination         But men obey this with so dissatisfaction…              Men create their own rule,                  That’s make world so blue.            We don’t believe in superstations,                                   As we swallow men’s fancy notions.                               Girl will play with doll,             Boy are so strong to play bat and ball.                            Women shouldn’t go outside door,                                   As this will make men’s reputation so poor.            Women should be domestic,           There is no reason to be them ultra-modernic.           Women have to nurse all time,                                          Otherwise it will be their troublesome.                 Women need no education,    They have to live in a sheer foundation                    Women have to be staying soft                                  So, men can do crime with toft.                                        Women have to cover in veil,                                             Otherwise, men will be devil.                                             What a thought creation has!                                             When a woman cooking is a duty,                                    Man’s becomes beauty.                 When a woman literature is outpouring,                       Man’s known as adoring.                   When a man’s fighting called a war.                               Women’s fighting makes family to scare.                        When women express called emotion                            But man’s case has other rotation.                                   Women’s love, care known as Mother Nature            But these makes a man fracture.  We only seen one side of women nature                   But don’t we know how is Mother Nature??              A nature with scarifies to make another                        Again the devastating side sly her creature.              A nature with full of colors-                                                But play with her it will makes you deplore.               The nature with the blessings of rain                             Laugh at her, it will make you scatterbrain.              It is the nature that gives light of sun                            Doubt it her, the war will be begun.                            We live in a modern century-                                             We talk about women’s rights and perfectury                We don’t follow,                                  We just listen and swallow.           I don’t want to see whole revolution.                                I just have two questions,,,,,,,    To men -                                                 What makes you so proud being a boy?                 That you find women as broken toy.                        To women -                                           Why don’t you support your sister?                        Hating them, will bring nothing but sinister..      Hoping that Almighty will give all       Pure acknowledgements   To see the CREATION with right judgment…                                                                                                                                                      By Joyeta                                  


© 2019 Joyeta

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