Irony, Karma, and Fate In Central Park (Chapter 2)

Irony, Karma, and Fate In Central Park (Chapter 2)

A Poem by J.V. Stanley

'Irony Karma and Fate Walk Into A Bar' is my forthcoming collection of poetry with 30+ chapters. This is an ongoing project that has an anticipated publication date of summer/fall 2014


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Anticipated publication date of summer/fall 2014

Here once again,

our dearest sly friends,

who last time ventured into a bar

And taught the dear letch,

of what mercy is spent,

when love is eschewed to war


So these lovely sisters,

who tormented the tryster,

who broke the heart of many a girl

Decided to lean in,

and to make interference therein,

in order for right to unfurl


These lessons be known,

as this due tale unfolds,

of the three who follow into the night

Their tactics are artless,

and their methods are heartless,

in order for them to requite…


On a park bench do they sit,

and comment on the half-wits,

of those who internally hide

Their faults and deceit,

of that which they do keep discreet,

from the path of those along the wayside.


A man in a suit,

with business sense acute,

walked as if life always got in the way

“Behold, this man here,”

Irony whispered as he drew near,

“the oubliette in this man’s soiled dossier.”


With a snap of her fingers,

and the softest of whispers,

appeared papers disclosing lurid history.

Make no mistake,

this man’s future screams ‘jailbait’,

to his superiors his actions remain mystery.


The man acts rather genial,

as he misplaces a decimal,

pouring riches upon him at ease

Irony laughs and predicts,

ventures on with her shtick,

her hand reaching beyond the boundaries


The sisters are there,

so you’d better beware,

much like this man who thought to embezzle

As entitled as he believed,

his employer also did thieve,

the man just as black as the kettle.


The autumn leaves swirled ‘round,

upon the dusty foreground,

the air with its hint of decay

The man with the suit,

opted for an alternate route,

leading right underneath the archway.


In the darkness awaiting,

was a stranger who was freighting ,

much like the ferryman taking his coins

He pulled a Smith and Wesson,

to teach him a lesson,

the suit’s riches successfully purloined.


Karma looked to the crowd,

and smiled out loud,

with a laugh that rang clear through the street

“Well done yet again,

you’ve become quite the marksman,

but look to she whose obvious conceit


the coveted mannequin,

envy of shallow Manhattan-

look how she preys ‘pon the corpulent.”

The three of them turned,

to the woman who could not discern,

true beauty from that of cement.


Altered with plastic,

the change done quite drastic,

she lost herself within Cosmo

She hated the feeling,

though continued not eating,

obsessed with the look of Garbo


She despised even more,

and hitherto foreswore,

to never rise above one fifteen

Cursed those of weight,

and those in a voluptuous state,

she swore to outsmart her fat gene


“Promiscuous is she,

lactating much like a Guernsey ,

though she fears why she does not menstruate.

Her milk has gone sour,

vanity has its claws in to devour,

the seed of which was left to impregnate.”


Karma continued her lesson,

reading true the confession,

of the fears plaguing the heart of this woman

“She fears she will grow,

swears no one should know,

listen as its heart hammers like a piston.


For this child she bears,

from her torrid affair,

will eventually drive off potential bedmates

And for this reason alone,

the child will be allowed to grow,

and will cause her to become what she hates.”


Karma smiled at her sister,

as Irony kissed her,

ever so soft on the cheek

“Without each other,

this woman may never be a mother,

who beholds her very own mystique”


The woman closes her mouth,

and dare not shout out,

at the curvaceous women who waddle past

For these days are spent,

after mercy up and went,

her own physique she knows will not last.

Self-importance lifelong,

passing glances sidelong,

shoulder on shoulder upon her excrete,

Another future mother,

to whom she would smother,

her kin a pretentious aesthete


“So to pity a fool,

of that who does rule,

the future of their own precious lives

And still they go on,

searching for elusive black swan,

though none have quantified their tithe”

Karma smiled and waited,

and deepened the crated,

boxed up Honesty, their spiritual friend

From upon them they view,

the paths overthrew

by clouds of people belly-up to descend. 


“Now it’s my turn in the soirée,

as Destiny learned my dear protégé,

of what oils that lift from water”

With a turn of Fate’s finger,

boy and man a dead-ringer,

two on two in the lamb to the slaughter.

“Cheer up, dear friend,

we’re here till the end,

Truth sits comfortably in the bergère

As follows the rhyme,

and drinks of the brine,

follow close to the heart of Baudelaire


The two turned to Fate,

as she always did wait,

to go at it last but followed long after the end

With her seductive gait,

her dominion dare not abate,

nor try them against her to contend


She shadowed their rear,

her countenance severe,

as the man and boy washed through the crowd
Strength and brawn showed,

there’s no time to reload,

and one quick crack of his palm was allowed


The boy short and measly,

though it never was easy,

curtains of matted hair frame his tired face

Underneath this shroud,

this boy is endowed,

by hand did his innocence erase


He follows father along,

hateful looks sidelong,

impatience in adulthood serpentine

Venom coursed his veins,

and genetics had not reined,

though poverty of nurture too much a climb


“This idiotic plow,

who became father somehow,

will ruin the chance of this boy
but isn’t it sad,

that abuse is triad,

lackadaisical families will destroy?”


Irony whispered in pain,

for she could not attain,

a plan to instruct a boy-man to learn

But she was quickly hushed ,

by the unsteady rush,

forced then with a focus to adjourn.


“A child he is,

much potential-a whiz,

with a brighter future than his father no doubt,

Despite the abuse,

tied round like a noose,

this boy will eventually farmout.”

Though she did not hesitate,

the dear vixen Fate,

who rules the whole of a lifetime

She whispered in ear,

of the boy austere,

the secrets that will unravel the begrimed.

The boy as he nodded,

knew now of the allotted,

time spent until he was over the threshold

Of death he discovered,

once like another,

was hidden within a dysfunctional household


Lovely Irony and Karma,

distant princesses of Brahma,

lack in power of Shiva and Vishnu

Sitting idly upon the bench,

their position entrenched,

their authority within specific purview.

“He will grow to know,

what normalcy has foretold,

will release the gilded from cage

Though through the kindness and power,

his blood has thus soured,

he too will end up with rage.

His father will know,

as he grows old,

that his sickening and twisted façade

Will emerge as another,

excuses used as a cover,

as he encouraged his son to maraud.

For lest you see,

the apple does not fall far from the tree,

unless the chance is given in spite

Of all that you’ve known,

to sow is to grow,

branching off in directions within sight.”

Fate scowled at the sound,

as the truth had unwound,

the thread of the future lay in wait
for though it was her job,

despite the elements of macabre,

to give lessons to teach those to abate.


Irony, Karma and Fate,

those three you cannot escape,

when your vicious deeds and thoughts interfere

With the noble deeds that they do,

improper behavior subdued,

lessons, wisdoms, truths are revered.

The importance of life,

is without a jackknife,

wounding selves deeply in hand

But Father Time has foresworn,

for those who are forlorn,

with puissance they too shall withstand.

© 2014 J.V. Stanley

Author's Note

J.V. Stanley
The first chapter of this book can also be found on WC, 'Irony, Karma, and Fate Walk Into a Bar...' After I wrote that particular poem, I fell in love with the characters and decided to continue their story in a series of other very lengthy lyrical epic poems (chapters). I have roughly 30 + chapters total that I am currently working on. The entire collection will be published upon its completion along with a series of other poetry, prose, and short stories. I've been working on this particular collection for the better part of three years. It is to me, the work I am most proud of. Enjoy.

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This is an incredible piece of work, and work must be the definitive term. I would love to hear this on radio with several voices and a narrator. The voice is somewhat all-knowing as if passing on examples of foolery and wisdom in the various themes set out.
More than slightly in awe.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Great form. Brilliant poem! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very impressible write and looking forward to read your work in full fledged detail.

Posted 7 Years Ago

' “Promiscuous is she, lactating much like a Guernsey , ~ though she fears why she does not menstruate. ~ Her milk has gone sour, vanity has its claws in to devour, ~ the seed of which was left to impregnate.”. An amazing meter near pure in spite of the vocab!

An incredible piece of writing.. a story of characters, conversation, places, atmosphere, thoughts, deeds, anyalysis and more, all placed in super-fine verse. This truly is a tour de force to which I'll return when my mind has calmed. Brilliant!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You are amazing. I would buy the book.
"Lovely Irony and Karma,
distant princesses of Brahma,
lack in power of Shiva and Vishnu
Sitting idly upon the bench, "
Myth and story is my favorite. Wild and good vision create by your powerful poetry. The above lines I like the best. No weakness in your amazing words.

Posted 7 Years Ago

J.V. Stanley

7 Years Ago

Your opinion means a lot to me, Coyote! Thank you so much! I'm currently working on new chapters, .. read more
the length carries you in this narrative of a plot...
as a reader...your language and rhyme...
do give this work a tale of a ride...
I like longer works of verse --- myself...
and this is quite a read for the undertaking...
you invested much time in the construction...
and that shows in the stanzas...
as you can hear the narrator within this read...
also the way you ended the theme...
wraps the entirety of the presentation...

Posted 7 Years Ago

B.S. Scarpa

7 Years Ago

You are making this into a series, no?
B.S. Scarpa

7 Years Ago

I love it btw
J.V. Stanley

7 Years Ago

Yup! Right now I'm working on the chapter "Irony, Karma, and Fate Go To Church'. Its there where t.. read more

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J.V. Stanley
J.V. Stanley

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