The Reaper

The Reaper

A Story by k.d.

i am a reaper


As I pulled up to the gas station in my new Camaro, I realized that I had no money. I looked under the seats, I'd left a twenty under there for emergencies only. I grabbed the twenty and got out. David had said that he would be back soon. He wasn't back in time, the apartment manager had come 'round, looking for rent. I had to use most of the stash to pay it all.
I went inside to pay for the gas. The big,burly guy in front of me was writing a check out for his beer and his gas. I leanded over his shoulder to see his name, Tom Kingsley.
Well this guy was going to die in five minutes whether he wanted to or not.Only question would be how? I reached out and touched his shoulder. Tom left with his beer and walked out to his car. A minute later BAM, he fell down. It was like nothing had happened to him. I've seen them go like this all the time: major heart attack. I went out to stand next to him. He was gazing at his corpse, looking totally freaked.
I watched Tom and waited. He looked up at me and asked," What happened?"

I told him," You had a heart attack and died."

He asked me," What are you? How can you see me?"

It was obvious with a whole crowd standing around to see what had happened, I was the only one that could see him.
I confessed," I am a grim reaper, sent to earth to pull people's soul's out of their bodies before they die to make " THE END" less painful. I am here  to help you find your peaceful way to wherever you are supposed to go."

Then, to my left a big shiny light, that only Tom and I could see, was shining brightly. I told Tom," Go to the light and find your way home. Goodbye, farewell, have a happy afterlife."
I then got back into my Camaro and drove off. One dead guy down, 1,000,000 to go.

  *          *          *

 I drove back to my apartment. When I got up, I noticed that something was off. The door was left open. Someone had gone running through. They had made a real mess of the place, looking for what? I checked the whole place slowly, from top to bottom. In my bedroom, drawers were thrown out from the dresser, some all the way across the room. The kitchen was a whole other thing. My living room was intact, which was weird. Whoever was in here had already found what they were looking for before they had gotton to the living room. I picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1.
 Someone stepped out from the hallway closet. He was holding a gun in his hand, pointing it at me. He told me," Put the phone down. Now!"
  I put down the phone. I closed my eyes: big mistake. I heard a big loud bang, then everything went black.

Something was wrong, totally wrong. I opened my eyes, and saw a body lying in front of me. I screamed. Not halfway through that scream a hand closed around my throat, and closed off my air." I don't want to hurt you", a voice had said," But if I have to I will. Now tell me where the ring is and I will leave."
 I had no idea what he was talking about." What ring?"

He shook me and his hand tightened." I asked you where the ring was you will tell me, even if I have to get the location out of you."

 "Who did you kill? I see the body"

A hot searing burning pain on my back made me screech.
 I felt like I was drifting away, in and out of reality. In a way I knew that I was being moved. Then, for real this time, everything went away and I slipped into unconciousness.
            *               *                  *
When I woke up, I was lying on my back. I was in the trunk of a car, tied up with a bandana in my mouth. The car was still moving, driving over what felt like every pothole in the road. My back ached with pain. Red dots appearec in front of my eyes. nad it felt as if I was going to pass out again. Before I could, the car came to a screeching stop. The driver got out, and went started to unlock the trunk. My head was bent backwards from the abrupt stop, so I could not see him. A blindfold was put over my eyes, then I was pulled out of the car and set on my feet. I felt a gun being preesed to the side of my face. A gruff voice said." We are going to walk up to the house. You will not try to run away or fight me understood?"
I nodded. We walked a short way then came onto steps. The man decided to waste no time by trying to help me, but instead took a handfull of my hair and dragged me uo to the front door. I felt like screaming, but remembered the gun.
We Grim reaper's can be killed in any human way. A gun through our brain's would easily do the trick as it would to you. The door was unlocked and opened. He still had my hair in his hand, so he threw my in. I landed facedowm on the wood floor, not wanting to get up at all. I just wanted to lie here forever, my body sore all over from the long drive didn't protest. But the man from my apartment did," Get up!"
When I didn't he grabbed my hair again and pulled me all the way to my destination.
I was thrown in a chair. My hands were stretched behind the chair and were bound tightly together. My right leg was pullled far to the side, and tied. My left leg was then pulled way to the left side, protesting all the way, and tied. I felt a belt go around my upper waist and buckelled around the back of the chair. The bandana was removed from my mouth, and then came a new one.
This new gag tasted salty. I didn't like it. I tried to spit it ou of my mouth, but it was shoved back in. To keep the gag secure duct tape went across my face seven times.

© 2010 k.d.

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I like it, i write about the "Reaper" myself :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

I really love the angle that you took the grim reapers from. Instead of the dark and ominous beings that we think are lingering over our shoulders, you made them feel friendly, like they are genuinely trying to help. The only problem I have with this is that it ended so abruptly, I am sure there is more story to this, but where exactly is it? I am so curious as to what is going to happen next!

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is a very interesting take on Grim Reapers.

Posted 7 Years Ago

That's a really cool idea. I've never thought of reapers that way. That they could just be killed. Or that they are actually helping. I've always felt like they were viscious and cruel and were simply killing. I never thought to make them die the way humans do. This is really very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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