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The Lovely World of Day Dreamers

The Lovely World of Day Dreamers

A Story by Katherine Enma Pineapple

A personal experience I wanted to share :)

Tuning out the world outside me, I closed my eyes and breathed in. My fingers hesitantly danced on my laptop's keyboard and I started writing my story.
My hot breath escaped through my parted lips with wandering eyes scanning the window beside me. The small beams of sunshine from the window and the artificial gleam of my laptop were the only ones that served as my protection against the mild darkness.
I looked around the empty room and slowly solidified my characters' images in it as if tangible and alive.
In that very moment I entered myself into a world of my own.
I started day dreaming.
The light ridden room seemed brighter in my eyes. The planks of wood that built this room's flooring disappeared from sight and transformed into lush dew painted grass. It all happened in what seemed like slow 3D animation. I blinked and opened my palms and closed them again. I felt my senses adjust to my daydream, confusing the actual coldness of Baguio City with a cold field breeze.
Time had not stopped in the world around me
The world around me slowly turned into my fictional dream
I sat no longer on the floor but in a glassy plain. As I look into my paradise I saw an endless dark blue sky with stars aglitter. The moonlight shined brightly- brighter than the world I was in before. Looking up, I saw the sky painted with the most exquisite shining dots.
Nothing can ever be more perfect than this.
I lied down, lying on my stomach as I breathed in and took every ounce of the fresh nature in my lungs. The sweet bliss of serenity coursed through my veins as a pair of feet appears in front of me. I smile as the owner lies down beside me and stares into my eyes as I lock into his gaze.
A bigger smile adorned my lips as I lean my head on his, outstretching my hands into his awaiting ones. The moment my fingers loosely fit into his rough ones, he bursts into magical stardust everything did.
I watched in dreamlike stupor as my world faded and showed the real world with stardust still wandering in my vision.
Sighing longingly and in defeat, I lied down on my arms and placed the final period of my story.

© 2013 Katherine Enma Pineapple

Author's Note

Katherine Enma Pineapple
So this is a personal experience with me while I was writing.

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Gusto ko iyon paraan ng paglalarawan mo sa iyong storya.Maganda at positibo ang pagtingin mo sa mundo at isa kang romantikong tao.Iniisip ko lang kung may kalungkutan nakapaloob sa storya mo ng gawin mo siya?Karamihan sa mga manunulat malawak ang imahinasyon at may kalayaan ang bawat isa na ihayag ito.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on October 29, 2013
Last Updated on October 29, 2013
Tags: day dream, dream, fantasy


Katherine Enma Pineapple
Katherine Enma Pineapple

Somewhere out there in the rainbow, The Rainbow, Philippines

I LOVE GOD Hi guys :) I'm back~ Nyaha~ I'll be busy with college entrance exams and scholarship applications though :< I'll drop by time to time :) more..