Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

A Poem by Marisa Kathleen Lopez

    I hear as my eyes open slowly.
    "Let me in.."
    My bed bends slightly as I crawl to its edge.
    "Be careful."
    The wind knocks softly at the window.
    I open it carefully, and let the shadow in. Its cool as the breeze slowly seeps in and he closes the window softly, not a sound uttered. I smile at his carefulness, his quite hands leading me back to bed.
    Between the sheets we slip in carefully, my hair falls on the pillows like black ink has been spilled, his eyes settle on mine as he wraps his arms around my me, pulling close.
    I look up into his eyes and I know nothing is to be feared there is nothing to worry about. Slowly, a  smile forms on my lips as the time begins to slow. Ding! The clock strokes twelve times and I know its midnight.
    Muffled by the ringing bell not to far outside my door, his lips find mine and we ease slowly into a soft rhythm of playful kisses, never going past our shoulders. We are innocent and have planned it so for a long time.
    Surely, his kisses begin to fade away, he twists to lie on his back, my head on his chest. His heart is beating with purpose, alert and awake even if his eyes are not. His left arm holds me close to the truth we both want to hide. My legs tangle with his under the sheets as the fan shifts cold air just above our faces, and the AC rumbles again as it realizes its getting too warm.
    My mouth twitches as we whisper to each other. Bitter-sweet nothings we call them for reasons so many of us know. They are words that make us turn red and look at each other in the eye and we know suddenly what we want, but know we cannot have it.
    "Its too soon."
    "We're too young."
    "I wouldn't know what to do."
    We whisper our excuses to each other, but we both know they are only partially true.
    Again we grow silent and let the sounds of the fan and AC become our music. We shift again, my back flat on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, his head on my belly. I play with his soft hair and sigh without meaning. His head moves, looks up at me. I glance at him, smile and look back into nothing.
    Shuffle, shuffle. "Hmmm.."
    His face is above mine, arms holding him above me as he looks down into my mind, peering into what I wanted him to see all along. I blink and he is closer, lips resting against mine. I press back and realize its different this time.
    The air is no longer hitting us--yet it is at the same time. Its skating over the paper thin barrier between reality and my own skin, the skin his fingers slowly dance over. This kiss I'd never shared with before, but read about so many times before it was finally mine, and its essence carried me into a softer world where I never wanted to move from.
The moment was here and it was our's to share, our own little secret.

© 2011 Marisa Kathleen Lopez

Author's Note

Marisa Kathleen Lopez
Mmm, I'm not sure, I wanted to write a piece filled with imagery and this is what I got after being gone so long from writing... comments?

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Added on June 11, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2011
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Marisa Kathleen Lopez
Marisa Kathleen Lopez

El Paso, TX

I love to write, read, dance, and make music. I'm feminist--to a degree--and independent. I love meeting new people and hearing new ideas and theories so feel free to share :) more..