Never Ever Was

Never Ever Was

A Poem by Marisa Kathleen Lopez

We watch her and claim her ours, as she does us both in loving ways.
But never is she ours, nor us hers and we know that
I wish she knew just how much everyone doesn't like
                     doesn't trust
                     doesn't love, thrive, believe,
                     doesn't live for her.

She treats us like goldfish stuck in a bowl,
Letting us relish in the giant tank when she is please with us,
Starving us if we don't give her way
                                      her love
                                      her attention
                                      her power.

I'm tired of being a guppy and living with how it is.
She may have been the one to cut the tie
But I'm finally taking control
                    taking a risk
                    taking my love away
                    taking my life back.

She would whisper words she thought I never knew of
She chose and played with people till her hearts content
And she thought she was smarter
                              was stronger
                              was wiser
                              was better.

But what she doesn't seem to want to face is that
I'm better and stronger than her, smarter to.
Actually, we all are smarter
                      are stronger
                      are wiser
                      are better.

I'm not going to be the only one that move on.
I'm not the only one she hurt.
I'm not the only one who will be taking control
         taking a risk
         taking my love away
         taking my life back

We are not going to let her take over anymore
And we aren't going to listen to her whispers of shame
Guess what? We are taking back her way
         her love
         her attention
         her power

For once we are starting to realize
That we don't need to have so much pain
And now, I believe we have finally realized she truly doesn't like
                                                                         doesn't trust
                                                                         doesn't love, thrive, believe,
                                                                         doesn't live for herself either.

© 2011 Marisa Kathleen Lopez

Author's Note

Marisa Kathleen Lopez

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Added on June 25, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2011
Tags: friends, poem, frienship
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Marisa Kathleen Lopez
Marisa Kathleen Lopez

El Paso, TX

I love to write, read, dance, and make music. I'm feminist--to a degree--and independent. I love meeting new people and hearing new ideas and theories so feel free to share :) more..