Little Sayings.

Little Sayings.

A Poem by KayDennyy!(:

These are little sayings I've come up with throughout the years: [:

"She's got the style she's got the class. She gots the heart, but her life is a rollercoaster of hell."

"Look At Me. She Says As she is screaming, running down a dark road thinking where did she go wrong."

Yes Dear. How may i help you screw up your life, just like how you did mine.

Hate! Love! Kill! Pain! If you hate me why are you reading this, if you love me why dont you tell me, if you think im cute tell me, if you think im ugly go bang a s**t.

Once in my life time, i wished on a falling star, to find you and i have found you ... you are amazing.

One day ill get over you i told my self and that day has come i finally over you.

You will NEVER break me like he broke me.

"She looks back to the past, Tears come too her eyes, she wants too know why you left her. but now she looks back and thanks you, she;s stronger then anyone she knows."

"one day she is going too forget you even existed, your going too walk up to her and be like hey kayden, remember me, and the flashbacks are going to hit, im just going to walk away and grab my new loves hand"

"one day she's going to walk off the bridge, slide that object across her wrist, drown on purpose, and the paremedics are going to say 'such a beautful girl did such a terrible thing"

"i like long walks on the beach, bright starry night....And poking dead things with a stick(;"

She;s the one that has her own style and her own class, she can be girly but she likes too play in mud, she can go shopping and she loves it, but she sometimes wants too be a guy so she can tackle people.

© 2011 KayDennyy!(:

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nicely done

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on October 11, 2011
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Where Ever I Want To Be <3 , TX

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