A New Beginning

A New Beginning

A Story by ken burke

A story of a guy who lost it all and who will conquer it all to get where he needs to go. this is just the start of it


           “No!, F**k you its over.” Jenna screamed as she walked out the door. Corbin watched as the door slammed and realized this was it, this was the last time he would ever see Jenna. He slid down the wall and just held his knees as he gently cried, he lost his parents, his job and now his girlfriend all in the same year. “ I have nothing left, nothing at all” Corbin said to himself as he leaned his head back against the wall and stare at the ceiling. He wiped his eyes, as he stood up and started to pick up the broken crystal that he bought Jenna on there one year anniversary, it had there names engraved on it. He cried a little more as he saw what remained of it, as he saw the shattered pieces of the heart that surrounded there names. He knew he loved her and knew he messed up a lot by being immature and snapping at her, he just never could control his temper and always took out his anger on the wrong people. He dropped the broken pieces and just walked to the bedroom of the apartment they lived together in, he fell onto the bed and drifted off to sleep with his tears slowly staining the pillow cases.

         He awoke to the street lights shining through his window. He slept away the day and would now be awake throughout the night stuck in the darkness that he knew his life would now be. As he stumbled to the bathroom he stepped on some of the broken crystal and felt the glass pierce his skin. “ F**k! “ he bellowed as he now limped to and sat down on the toilet, quickly grabbing toilet paper to stop the bleeding. As he stared at the blood he realized he enjoyed the feeling of it because he enjoyed feeling something than complete numbness. He removed the toilet paper and wedged the glass out of his foot before cleaning it and putting a bandage on it. He sat there with his head in his hands it was official he had lost it all he had no job, no parents, no girlfriend and soon no house. “ where am I supposed to go from here please god just tell me where am I supposed to go, what am I supposed to do” he said as he shook his head side to side. He stood up and walked to the bedroom and fell back to sleep curled into a ball.

        “Open up a*****e!” he heard as Jenna pounded on the door to the apartment. He got up and limped to the door unlocking it as she quickly barged in the door, “ its been two days and its 2 o clock in the afternoon why the f**k are you sleeping” she yelled. He looked over at the clock, noticing she was right he had slept away another day, he looked at her and just thought about how numb he truly felt. He was slipping into depression, he knew it and so did Jenna. He had dealt with depression back when his parents died but Jenna had helped him through it and was the rock he needed to lean on, but he knew this time would be different, this time she wouldn't be there for him. “ stop staring at me” said Jenna as she just pushed past him, “i just came to get some of my stuff clothes and stuff because I have a job to go to unlike somebody” she said as she glared back at him with eyes that lacked love, eyes that were full of hatred. “ I am sorry, let me get out of your way” he said as he walked into the kitchen, he looked in the fridge knowing he hadn't ate in two days and that soon his body would start taking it out on itself. He decided on toast knowing that he wouldn't be able to keep much else down because his stomach was in knots. He just quietly made toast as Jenna loudly and roughly packed her clothes in the suitcase they once used to go to Europe, they both loved going across Europe to Rome, Paris and some of the most romantic spots in the world. It was in front of the Eiffel tower that Corbin proposed to Jenna and gave her the ring that was now sitting somewhere outside after Jenna threw it. Life was amazing for him earlier this year when he had his parents and his job and Jenna but once he lost his parents depression caused him to lose his job and now his job and temper has cost him the one good thing he had left in his life.

© 2013 ken burke

Author's Note

ken burke
this is just the beginning will be updating alot

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Your writing is so Good. Well Done! Keep Writing Friend!

Do u read mine 2 "Why?, Who is a Poet, Time and Anguish "

If possible then give your reviews..


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ken burke
ken burke

monticello, NY

i am new to writing i just started a little while ago and i would love to get peoples opinions on my current story. good or bad just be honest i am seventeen and i write from my heart not from my brai.. more..

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