My Incomplete Insanity

My Incomplete Insanity

A Poem by Kerrghann The Twisted

Insanity lurks in the depths of all our minds from a very young age.

Water drops from the sky,
Onto the ground where the water lay.
That's when they whisper their vile lie.
They speak it clear as day!
Their laughing at me,
I can see...
But why can't you,
See the evil they do!
Their voices fill my ear,
Telling me to forsake all that is dear.
I can see the way they smile,
All so very vile.
I can smell the burning skin
Why can't you see their sin!?

So you place me in my padded cell,
yet their lies still ring like a bell!
Still I can see the things they do!
I'm in agony all because of you!
My eyes, they burn!
The things I see
They make my stomach turn...
I want to flee!
But I can't escape the things they do!
And it's all because of you!

They scratch me, they cut me, they hurt me!
You make me wear your vile coat...
Yet I can see...
The way you gloat...
I want to rip out your throat!
Their telling me what to do!
It's all because of you!

We laugh together, with each other.
We speak of what we did to you, Brother.
Together we laugh, the voices and I.
Watching as the needle comes.
The voices and I, ready to Die.
Slowly...everything hums.
Yet I remember what they do,
And I'm coming for you.
And you don't want to know, What it is I'm going to do!

© 2010 Kerrghann The Twisted

Author's Note

Kerrghann The Twisted
I wrote this awhile back, seems like a very hateful poem now that I read it again. I can only wonder what I was feeling at the time. Ignore the grammatical issues as I was fairly young when it was written. Thank you.

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Added on September 15, 2010
Last Updated on September 15, 2010