No Reason Unknown

No Reason Unknown

A Poem by 7ue

It's long

Private coding rendered. Surrender?

like fighting nightly smiting the mighty with concise ease don’t count

please my decrees end scenes

Skulking in the shadows clunking the drunkards stunk of skunk wearing chunk skater punk Funk in luck got stuck hinged a lot bloodstreams dropping burnt concrete clotted hulking a mean stoppage green machine has been steaming to scream faith in deen reaping the crop page sheepish man; unclean.

living redeemed reigning supreme fleeing before being seen again, brought definition to pristine whistling clean at the queen fiending a find that’s impossible to define minds sublime spines aligned might’ve cried once or twice now is cold as ice
found finally forget fatality this is fallacy still thistles bristle and hit in the breeze remind all haters that this is as easy as it seems hostility to humility frigid industry bin dust be anything displeases the ears feel little fear remember November through September until the end of never do this before bed for pleasure some guiding treasure I’m better walking wetting veterans netted letters Internet spectre leathered by weather light as a feather priceless forever thrice this is clever tried every other venture this is the advent of something major swear down people are crazy lazy get shady now ladies with babies sit on days in going insane brings things together s**t brethren that’s a plethora of fetters indebted whether triggered or reconfigured bigger than thought itself a health tonic for the honorific to be specific but spelt Pacific Atlantic I’m frantic my antics are spastic I’m plastic fantastic from all of the angles on all of your channels handled all mantles and prattled to cattle pita patter keystyle rapper scraps happy shoppers and locked the lot in one jot potted the spot securities not got quicker tricks than this count the eyes and the visa look like IOU drought what’s clout, just found out what it’s all about should scream and shout without doubt rooftop to rafter tell your favourite rapper air just called them out clown now brown cow how’d he find us out s**t what we do now they’re down for the count, oh well put the kettle on we’ll sort this mess out bound to a sound that’s crowned by choice this noise is poised to spoil or right royally confuse but be honest who’d really believe the truth? Youth get polluted by food from astute mental patience is a pleasant hatred don’t get complacent priorly stated fated with nature this behaviour is missing labour, done solo as a favour for a raving rabid not from this planet example understand it planned a preamble gambled the shambles and trampled gardens of geraniums size of stadiums London palladium some pray some play some stay away from death and decay caught in public baiting affray get afraid Owen Madden gets paid but not in the same way penetrate this never hesitate miss dealing race quick stealing bass licks effing a pricks sick of parlour tricks mixing wit with quips about politics and the Knicks jinxed the lotto blotting ink think tomorrow sink all sorrows blink through more horror in store affording discourse before bored got sword awaiting bare applause hoarse forced a coarse course of reassuring porous faux hawkish gore implying futuristic furor has fur at all infinity and beyond cat call spat with mad hatter contours reassure happy thoughts clap if you want it’s just a stunt for publicity they’ll never miss me saying I one or ever catch up with me standardly program embedded in heaven with Heather gather fuel for the funeral pyres this guys on fire stuck on a mire in Yorkshire aimed flyers claimed liars made pliers transpire cut out Gaia parrowdice son of niyah if all else fails abstain characters like other vampire hobbits watch this grommet eat vomit torn it promises no pretend agenda, money spender friend of currency lenders with shark arms dismembered played like jenga angelic be real see squeal heat feel meek speak replete incomplete tweets then get tweaked discreet from a neat elite sweet with deep speech.

© 2010 7ue

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I agree. I read it silently and then I read it aloud. It is brilliant when read allowed. You should enter this in the spoken word group and one of their contests too it's brilliant~!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is magicient is the flow...but it is so hard to follow because of the structure..I had to stop and start and know that this deserves to be spoken out loud..this profound hip hop slam blam and thanking you ma'am

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 6, 2010
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Croydon, London, United Kingdom

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