Black Tears-Chapter 1

Black Tears-Chapter 1

A Poem by Kimmy

I just hope this helps someone else out there, that hope in its self helps me to grow stronger as a woman


I was 15 years and 7 months old when my mom died. My father died when I was still a baby. My mom remarried to some fat basterd when I was 8. After She passed I was left in his custody because I have basicly no other family. 3 months passed, I didnt really leave my room except for school and to make dinner. We will call my step father sam. Sam drank all the time. he got weird in the next month, things where always tense when around him. About a week before my 16th birthday he was passed out on the couch drunk. I know it wasnt right but i stoll the bottle he had and went in my room and drank it. a little bit later he came in my room grabbed my hair and lifted me up. I was pushed on the bed face down, and he spanked me. It lasted for what felt like forever, it hurt really bad, and the way he held my hair pushing my face in the pillow while i was trying to cry made it hard to breath and a very scarry experience. I had on the victoria secret sweatpants that say pink on them, i say this because they are very comfortable and decently thick pants. when he left the room i sat up shocked and crying. I got up and locked the door, then pulled my pants down and looked in the mirror. Despite the pants being a heavy thick sweatpants material i had hand prints from my lower back down to the back of my knees. At the time i figured he is very drunk, mom just past, and i did steal his alcohole. thinking back now i believe this is what started everything yet to come.  

© 2015 Kimmy

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Added on November 13, 2015
Last Updated on November 13, 2015



...., MI

Hi, My name is Kimmy, its really not but I would rather stay annonomys. I had some bad stuff happen to me that im currently still working through in councelling. writing about it is what has helpe.. more..