The Starving Hyena

The Starving Hyena

A Story by kite kid

the cycle of evolving out of fear and the opportunity that are given out by mistrust of ones true self.


I dreamt of a dying hyena, with his ribs showing. With reflecting eyes and licked teeth that been constantly digging between the gums. He slowly walks the city streets, looking side to side. Ever step brings a sting of dread up the spine of the hyena. It knows of its own death but reflect the same red as my own. One leap, one bite, one drop of blood and one last chance of survival. But when faced with death why doesn’t the hyena tear into my throat. It just paces slowly while reflecting those crimson eyes that are to similar. Laughs of man come from the hyena’s mouth and I start to lose my grip on myself. I begin to smile and pace to the hyena.

Steps I kept taking were changing the world around me. The plains of Africa, the twilight of the sun and the sting of hunger helped me smile. The hyena stops and sit down on the city streets. While I started to walk faster and faster. The sound of thumping went through me. The sound went deeper and slower as I gained further ground. The laughs raised my spirits and the hunger made my mouth water with the taste of bitterness. And as I approach the hyena closed its mouth and the man’s laugh leaves my ears. But the deep thumps of sound increase and covers the space around me.

The plains of Africa seems to have bump into the city streets. Clashing sides desperately trying to overcome each other. But the friction can only be Broken by us. The separation of one self is one’s own war within them self. But I try so firmly to rip the hyena from myself but by looking back at the eyes of it, you can only see a figure blinded by angers opportunity. One step breaks the borders of are two worlds and I welcome the control. My smile begins to bare teeth. He only sits there with the stare of isolation and regret.

Grip of my hand tightens and the thumping gets louder and deeper. Submerge in the sound, drowning in the one thought. To be at peace within one body and one mind. The hyena coat looks thin, patches of pink skin almost covered his whole body. The winds of Africa whirls past us with next step and his ears flop downwards. The city streets lights shatter while my sun comes out of the twilight. The cracks of the paved city streets goes hand in hand with hurling of thumping coming out louder than ever. I take another step and he commences to shaking.

The eyes that were once red have now turned lighter and faded. Cities has joined the world of peace. The sun shines as the hunger grows. He sniffs the air and turns his head to the east. With whatever strength the hyena might have had, and with relieve of closure he smiles. The thumping slows and drops.

I take my final step and he freezes for his final seconds of life. I slowly lower myself to the ground and take one last look in the hyenas eyes and felt my hunger turn to pit of despair. Out of fear I clamped down, thus the hyena pass the torch of hunger. The sound of the thumping goes and silence surrounds me.

There lays the body of a dog, an object formed from not clay but mistrust of one’s own true self. As such I belong in the plains of Africa and the sun that shines the fires of time at me.

I began the laugh of man.

© 2015 kite kid

Author's Note

kite kid
what do you think? what idea come up from this?

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Added on September 17, 2015
Last Updated on September 18, 2015
Tags: fiction, short story, wisdom, peachy, dark


kite kid
kite kid

seattle, WA

so basically, 1. Im selfish 2. really content with my surroundings. 3. love catcher in the rye maybe because i view myself as not really optimistic person. 4. i like to lie 5. i like writing an.. more..

13% (revised) 13% (revised)

A Story by kite kid