Whats left anymore

Whats left anymore

A Poem by Krista

If you wish to 
call me a fake or a liar 
go ahead 
words are just that.
Everything that you say to me,
I know isn't really truth 
because I know I Don't belong
I should have died years ago 
but instead I chose life 
to fight for the little things.
A reason is all I want,
an answer to my questions.
Is there an actual point
in this life for me?
It seems nobody cares 
but again I know people do...
I see it in the faces 
that maybe
just maybe 
I would actually be missed.
That thing I only wanted
is gone.
The actual feeling of belonging 
but in reality I don't know if anybody actually cares.
Theres two different things,
showing and actually caring
the love has to be proven,
Getting tired of all the hurt
the promises broken time after time.
You said you would be there
that you would never go!
But instead that was just another lie,
in a long list of promises to be broken!
What is a life 
without pain.
WIthout a little blood loss.
A shattered heart,
a person that no longer wishes
she was here.
Life learned,
lesson proved.
The smile on my face,
is just a mask waiting to fall off.
My life a circus,
with so many acts
so real though
yet so fake.
Or i wish it was only a dream
a dream I could erase from reality.
Get rid of all the promises broken,
the people who hurt me time after time.
Knowing I don't know how to show feeling,
I loved you,
yes past tense
i still do love you 
but is it worth the hurt and torture.
So far yet so close.
Just a little deeper,
dig in and let the blood run freeley.
Nobody sees 
nobody knows..

© 2017 Krista

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Added on September 27, 2017
Last Updated on September 27, 2017




My name is Krista. I'm 27 years old. I have an eating disorder and am a cutter. I'm also depressed most of the time a very negative out look on life. more..

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