My Night

My Night

A Story by ladybug

 "Oh my god! You make me so mad! I can't believe you won't let me go to that party!!!! I hate you!''Maddie screamed at her parents." Now Madiline......''"Don't call me that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm going to the party no matter if you like it or not.'' She said as she jumped in the car. They thought they could keep me from my best friend's party well the thought wrong she thought to herself.

   As Maddie pulled into the parking lot she saw why her parents did not want her to go ther was a drinking booth. She told her parents thatshe was going so she desided to just not drink that was final. So she walked into the house and partied like she had never partied before.

    When she woke up she was in a hospital room with her leg and head killing her. She looked to her right and saw her parents. When hey saw her they jumped oyut of there seets and started kissing her all over she said'' Wait what happend.?" " There was a shooting at the party you got shot in te leg. Luckily A nice young lady pushed you out the window to b kept from being shot again she is in the other room."  her mother replied." Who was it ? Where is lydia?" Lydia was her best friend. "Lydia ran out of the house as soon as she saw the gun. She is fine" said her dad."I'll do what ever you say as long as I live. I might not like it but I will do it. By the way who saved me?"

It was Sarah her ex-friend.

© 2009 ladybug

Author's Note

I tried to make i short just tell me if you want me to make it longer

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Added on May 20, 2009



i LOVE writing! I am going into 7th grade and I think I have a talent in writing. I love people to read and review writing so please do more..

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A Story by ladybug