A Letter To My Dearest

A Letter To My Dearest

A Story by Jillisa Carrion

a very emotional letter to my best friend


It takes but a few hours of time, however it is time well spent. Unbroken by the spell of concentration I observe you…and only you. Calculating the immaculate fluidity of your body, again you take my breath away, seizing the un- relinquish able moment. Studying your eloquent movements as if we are in an undefined point in time past, present, future the purity of our little sanction fortifies me to the ground. You speak unabashedly-willingly-trustingly. For once it is as if I am not alone is this feeling of correlation. The words, as you speak, gliding from your tongue undulating down to the hollow of my heart captivate me …invigorate me. I hear to listen, to feel what I can from your person. I listen to let you in, let you into my heart a place few see or feel. You bewilder me, worry me, hurt me, and love me all of which I contentedly accept if it be the means to finding a place in your heart. I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t let your very existence fall out of its place in my life if it can be helped at all. In here, my heart- I can protect, play, and laugh with you- stay in a weightless-motionless moment that perpetuates pure bliss. I cannot cling to you or hold you back- no- I want to grow with you and reach all that we have always desired. I never want to stop learning, never stop seeing, and never stop feeling you as I walk by your side, because that is where I would always love to be. The distance grows soon this moment too will come an end and I know right then and there. There has to be a God, because should I ever lose you, my personal Armageddon, I would have to believe that all these precious moments that all of who you are is not lost to time. That you are not just dust on this earth, but locked safe, safe in my world only to be revisited in an everlasting paradise.

© 2010 Jillisa Carrion

Author's Note

Jillisa Carrion
please feel free to comment on the subject, imagry, or tone of the writting.

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Added on December 21, 2010
Last Updated on December 21, 2010


Jillisa Carrion
Jillisa Carrion

bronx , NY

i love to read, write, swim, and draw. i am currently learning how to ballroom dance and hopefully begin to learn fencing :) more..