When do you know you've found "The One"?

When do you know you've found "The One"?

A Story by Hiraeth

I wrote this last year with my long term ex girlfriend in mind. Now 3 ex girlfriends after her, I'm posting what I wrote for her for the sake of revisiting our past with a lighter heart.

Ever heard of the expression "when you find the one, you just know?"

I dont know about you, but for me that expression has been proven to not be even a slightest bit true.

You wouldn't know when "the one" is right in front of you because...
Maybe you are too busy watching a basketball game while she's there trying to cuddle with you or massaging your feet.

Maybe you are busy laughing at memes on your phone all day and she's just there drawing cute paintings which you fail to appreciate because you had been too comfortable to even notice that she needs you to show her some appreciation.

Maybe you forgot to come and get her at her office lobby and take her to the dinner date you promised a few weeks ago because you were too engrossed with your guy time and she was left there waiting for hours just for you, wearing a new dress she bought just for the dinner date she wants to share with you.

Maybe you'll know she's the one the moment she has her one foot out the door,
or the moment where you had your big fights and she tells you she doesn't love you anymore,
or maybe when she left you with nothing but a broken heart,
or the moment she has found happiness in someone else that you fail to give her.


Maybe that's when you actually have a huge picture of how lucky you were when you had her in your arms.

How beautiful she looks with her hair all messy from the love making you did last night or from just staying up all night binge watching movies.

How  gorgeous she looks every waking moment you get the chance to wake up beside her with her arms wrapped around you as she covers the side of your shirt with drool.

How like hinges, her small fingers fit perfectly with yours.
How she makes you laugh until it hurts whenever she makes faces she isnt aware of whenever she's trying to tell you these amazing stories that happened to her before you met or something funny that just happened today.
How she grew those laugh lines just by being with someone like you who knows how to make her smile even on her darkest days.
How she loves having spicy food and you don't; so she always orders the one you wanted instead of what she wants.
How she cried her eyes out during those times you pulled a stupid prank on her just so you can amuse yourself.
How she stayed up all night because you had a high fever and she can't sleep knowing you were in pain.

How made sense of your existence with just a simple kiss.


I knew she was the one I'd love for the rest of my life the moment she left.
She has taken my love and peace of mind away with her.

Now I am nothing but a writer whose pen is fuelled by a devastating heartbreak and regrets.
She brought all the materials needed to build a bright future for the two of us,

but I was lazy,

thinking she can make it herself and now all I am left with is rubble.

I will continue living my life trying to rename love with another girl.

Trying my hardest to live with the thought of her somewhere in the universe,

and not being able to have her.

© 2018 Hiraeth

Author's Note

Please let me know what you think!
It's been a long time since I last updated this page.

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Added on August 4, 2018
Last Updated on August 5, 2018
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