A letter to someone I'll meet, get to know and love in the future.

A letter to someone I'll meet, get to know and love in the future.

A Story by Hiraeth

It's a short piece about day dreaming on writing a letter for your future lover.

Hey stranger.
One day we'll meet at our favorite spot where we can perfectly see the sun as it goes down, giving way for the moon to shine bright with the stars.

We'll lean against the hood of my beat up car as we sip on the bottles of old bitter beer that has been lying around my backseat since I got dumped by an ex lover.

We'll talk about how aliens will invade the earth and how we see the world 10 years from now.
Will there be flying cars?
More expensive hybrid phones?
Or will the world just split apart.

You'll laugh at my stupid jokes about politics.
I'll laugh at your uncanny reactions.
You'll shiver as the cold summer night start to creep in the atmosphere.
I'll slowly run my fingers through your soft, artificially colored orange hair as I slowly move inch by inch, closer to you, radiating my warmth against your skin.
You'll stare deep in my eyes, searching for my soul.
I may try and look the opposite way, but know that in my heart all I wanna do is to look at you and undress my soul right before your very eyes, only for your eyes.

I promise you we will meet.
We will fall in love, hurt each other with words that we never meant to echo in real life.
We will break up and make up.
We will wake up without each other on days we can't stand the sight of one another and wake up together, my arms wrapped around you and me having the best waking moment of my life just by seeing you next to me on days we want the whole world to just stop and trap us in the moment - locked in each others embrace... Forever.

I promise I will hold you and tell you that everything that's happened and is happening in your life is bringing you one step closer to me;
the person who will love you until the aliens invade the earth.
Until the political jokes are no longer laughable.
Until the world stops spinning.

Until my last breath.

... Until then, please keep on believing in love.
Let us continue walking the face of the earth finding our way to one another.
Let's keep breaking our hearts for the wrong people and situations that can happen in this life.
Let life happen so it can prepare us when we finally meet so we can start our incredible love story.

© 2019 Hiraeth

Author's Note

Sorry for any grammar mistakes!
I'll try to be better. Please share your honest thoughts so I can improve. Thank you for your time.

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Added on June 12, 2019
Last Updated on June 12, 2019
Tags: teen, dreams, story, future, Love, daydreaming, stranger



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