part one

part one

A Story by laurab

Part one


 “You will do this quest Blythe, or punishment in death.” The Great warlord roars in his face.

 And what makes you think I care of the punishment, for I care not of whom or what I am. My existence in this life is of nothing nor has it been for the past 800 odd years. I have known nothing of a world that can hold any meaning to me or my existence. Nothing but bad memories of being this half demon half man, blood of my victims on my hands, and not to mention the insufferable pang of guilt I feel after… so NO I will not do this guest, kill me now and be done with me as you please for I will not succumb to your biddings.

“Well, well,” the Warlord states clapping his oversized hands causing the room to shake. “Very melodramatic I must say, coming from the worst of creatures that has the ability of enchanted senses, speed and hypnosis and is the most extremely attractive being ever to walk this universe attracting his prey with his good looks and charm, that then drinks them dry enjoying every moment of it while he does it."

 Believe what you will of me, I have known and lived with being a dhampir for longer than I care to remember, there is nothing more you can do or say that doesn’t make me hate my existence any more than I do and want it to end.”

The room turns deadly silent, had he pushed the warlord too far? Hearing his cold heart thudding in his ears, the gasps and hushes of the warlord’s men guarding his doors on the outside, and sensing the fear in the room adhering this one where woman of the warlord no doubt lay naked waiting for the return of their master. Blythe had no doubt he pushed him too, but he didn’t care he wanted this, he knew what this meant and could go further if he wanted but didn't.

 “Then I shall give you time to think about this Blythe," he finally speaks. "Have it your way… guards,” he calls take him to the hell room…

“WHAT, WAIT now hang on,” he panics. “The hell room, are you not going to kill me?... but I…”

The warlord laughs, “You thought wrong my dear friend, now why would I do that when it’s evident that is exactly what you want. Now where is in the fun in that when Instead I can have fun watching you suffer more in your existence than you ever have before. Guards remove him.” He shouts at them again.

 Trying to resist these two-huge buffalo like men, not fancying the look of their sharp horns digging into his flesh causing excruciating pain with no death as an outcome, he gives up the struggle while they drag him out. “Wait, wait he cries to the warlord…” what if…”

 “Yes.” The warlord turns back around to face him. “Yes, what if…”

“What if I do this quest for you, will I then get what I want, will I get my request?”

Shrugging the guards of each of his arms sending them flying he stands straighter and walks to stand in front of the warlord and looks him in the eyes. “Will I get to end my existence if I do this quest and get you the stone?”

 “On one condition,” he states. “I want the girl too.”

“But why…” He was stalled by the warlord’s stern look and hand telling him enough, no questions.”

Blythe had learnt when not to carry on something that was to his advantage, so nodded his head instead.

“Done.” Says Blythe. The warlord holds his oversized hand out to shake Blythe’s and close the deal but there was no way Blythe was going to give him the satisfaction, instead he turns his back and was gone.

© 2017 laurab

Author's Note

excuse the grammar, haven't edited it yet

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Added on August 17, 2017
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I am who I am and don't pretend to be otherwise I live my life as best as I can and follow my heart held in my hands. Writing is me it's what I have become I cry with it and laugh with it and also.. more..

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