The statue

The statue

A Story by Pretty_as_a_Poet

Is August Slater really Insane?


I stood up straighter, hesitantly raising my fist to the door in preparation to knock upon it. "Here goes nothing” I sighed, rapping my hand against the door. I could hear footsteps from inside the house, and in moment nervousness flooded over me. The door moaned as it opened, revealing a man in is 30s behind it. He quizzingly me at me with his large, artistic eyes, that were like windows overlooking an overcast sky. I loosened my collar and cleared my throat “you are Mr. Slater, I’m assuming” I asked

“Yes I am” He replied with a smile reserved for pleasant strangers “ May I Inquire as to who you may be?” He replied. His voice was higher than most men I knew, as if it had forgotten to deepen during puberty, and he spoke with a soft British accent, that was very smooth and pleasing to the ears.

I Held out my hand and he shook it in a very dignified, almost aristocratic style.

“I’m Dr. Vivian Naseby,” I said, introducing myself “I’m a Psychiatrist”

Before he still had had that pleasant smile on his lips, but the second after my introduction, his peaceful eyes grew stormy and distant and his smile disappeared.


“I suppose you think I’m Insane?” He said coldly and very abrupt.


He didn’t look like a Madman, he seemed very calm and he spoke with great intellect. He didn’t seem to have a hair out of place and he didn’t posses and of the neurotic nature that my other clients did. A friend of his had came to me concerned for Mr. Slater’s well-being, and had asked for me to pay him a visit. Although, I decided to let that piece of information elude Mr. Slater.


“Whatever lead you to think that I considered you mad?” I lied “I’m only here to look at your work, perhaps even by a piece. I’m a fan of your artistry and I think than an Original August Slater would do very nicely in my living room.”


He smiled thoughtfully “ Of course for the right price I’d certainly give away a piece or two. Every artist appreciates it when he’s patronized” He welcomed me in, taking my coat.


He lead me to an elegant room, filled with sculptures, some made of marble, some made of white jade. After careful consideration I bought a sculpture of a jade dancer bending nimbly.


“A nice choice” Mr. Slater complemented, nodding in approval

“Quite the conversation Piece, isn’t it?” I added

We chatted for a little while about nothing in particular, His artwork, my field of work, and the cubs game last night, and although he was a little eccentric, as most artists are, he was certainty sane.

Before I left, he asked me “would you like to see my latest masterpiece?”

Of course to be polite I agreed and he lead me down a columned hallway into another room, all the while talking about he latest piece.

“I call her ‘Angelina’,” He was saying “I tell you, she is going to make a splash in the art world when I unveil it next spring”

“What’s different about this one?” I asked innocently, intrigued.

He paused for a moment in front of a big mahogany door, smiling enthusiastically “She Moves”


I looked at him with a curious glance “ Do you mean like an optical illusion?”


He shook his head “No…She’s real”

I gave a weak smile, not knowing what to expect “let’s see her”


He opened the door

“There she is!” He announced dramatically

I stood there, dumbfounded, unable to move, as though my feet were nailed to the floor. I was not sure of what to make of the sight before me.


“What do you think of her?” August Slater asked


“I’m speechless”


“I knew you’d like her.” He smiled


“Well I must be going” I said shaking his had and then departing.

Leaving Mr. August Slater alone in the Empty Room.


© 2013 Pretty_as_a_Poet

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Oooooh.....did not see that coming!!!!!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very Nice! twist in the end...

Posted 7 Years Ago

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