Viral Venom

Viral Venom

A Poem by Pretty_as_a_Poet

a slam poem


It will be all over the school within the course of a week,


But fingers crossed, swears the secret will keep,


Because she needs something to hold onto, to help her through,


What’s she’s going to do, and stop this tool, who’s threatening to tell the school,


Expose the truth, her downward spiral’s viral,


She’s caught in all her vices, and she can’t deny the lies


Because the truth isn’t much nicer, her folks are none the wiser,


And everything she’s done till now is hot water in a geyser

The timer’s ticking down, pressures building, stakes are raised,  

And haters are accumulating, sickened with blind rage                   

And caught up in this swarm of emotion, we’re going to crack this open,                 

Expose her for who she really is until the girl is broken.                    

5, million views

4, thousand shares,

3, hundred nasty comments that tell her no one cares


2, many people turn their back


1, girl all alone


With the way that their words hurt her,


she whished they brought their sticks and stones


In her caricature of tragedy, she forgets about her family,

And she doesn’t think they’ll care tormented by inner malady



never once does she consider the days , with her brother on the lake,

Or in first grade when grandfather taught her how to bake,

 And loonie toons with little sister, you know how much she’ll miss her?

and her mother’s in the kitchen making sandwiches for dinner,

she could have kissed her,

say I love you before running up to her room one last time, times run out,

Unravels without gravity caught up in the insanity,

And falling apart, she was defeated before the start of this,

‘cause she had one to many and did something not so smart and missed

The intoxicated teenager with a camera in his phone

And he’s grinning evilly ear-to-ear, as everything unfolds.

The hour glass at it’s end she’s descended to implode   



with not a bang but a whimper, like a candle snuffing out,


she’s going down, without a paddle, or a way to go about,


dealing with this mess she’s made, forever etched in cyberspace


Everything she’s ever said will blow up in her pretty face,


And reality sinks in, she’s gotten in this deep,


And the other girls are saying that she should just put herself to sleep,


And she believes them, I guess it never occurred how much they’re hurting her’


She’s dead inside, and with their words they might as well just murder her,


She does the job herself, because she’s just a girl, she’s scared,


And she doesn’t want a world where no one wants her there,






© 2017 Pretty_as_a_Poet

Author's Note

Back from Hiatus, and really fucked up

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.......I have no voice is in my awe!!

Brilliant! The best slam poem I have ever read bar none! You, my friend know what you're doing when you write these things! Awesome! You're, lines are profound, poignant, and witty in their cleverly placed references! And your musicality here is brilliant. There are a couple of lines in the last section where a couple of superfluous words could be omitted to help the musicality flow smoother, but other than that– Way to freaking go, girl! Well done!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on March 31, 2016
Last Updated on August 3, 2017
Tags: suicide, Cyber bullying, Slam poetry



Langley, B.C, Canada

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