Escaping Cherry Blossom

Escaping Cherry Blossom

A Story by Althelia Marie Caine

This a Hakuouki FanFiction that I have been writing. I just wanted to post it here and see what people thought.


Carrying the tea tray, careful not to spill the singular cup placed in the center, Chizuru made her

way from the kitchen towards the Vice-Commanders room. As she approached the room, she slowed

upon seeing him and the Shinsengumi’s Commander standing in the hallway outside his door talking

intensely. Hearing her light footsteps as she approached, the two men stopped talking abruptly and

both turned to her. A gentle smile spread across the Commander’s handsome face and the Vice-

Commander held his usual stern façade.

                “Good evening, Chizuru-kun!” Commander Kondou exclaimed.

                “Good evening, Kondou-san!” Chizuru chirped.

                “What are you doing wandering around this time of night, Chizuru?” Vice-Commander Hijikata

inquired in a stern voice casting a cold stare down at her. Chizuru blushed slightly and became flustered.

She cast her eyes downward and shifted uncomfortably under his dark gaze.

                “I-I…brought you some tea, Hijikata-san….” She stammered. Hijikata’s gaze darkened. It was

obvious to Chizuru Yukimura that Hijikata was irritated by this.

                “You should not concern yourself with these things this late in the night, Chizuru.” He said.

Kondou surprised the couple by laughing and he clapped a hand on Hijikata’s shoulder, probably a little

harder than necessary due to the fact that Hijikata silently rubbed in shoulder lightly.

                “Come now, Toshi! She is your attendant, right?  Ha-ha! You should allow her to take care of

you.” Kondou chided. “Plus it seems that the girl enjoys doing so.” He continued sending Chizuru and

playful grin. Chizuru’s face grew a deeper red.

                “Kondou-san! U-um...” She said before Hijikata spoke up.

                “That’s enough, Kondou-san. We will continue our discussion later please.” He said. Chizuru shot

him a grateful glance and Kondou laughed.

                “Okay, okay! We will speak later, Toshi. You have a good night, Chizuru-kun.” He said and turned to make his way down the dark hallway, giving the two watching him leave a slight wave over his shoulder as he disappeared around the corner. Hijikata let out an exasperated sigh and turned back to look down at the small girl dress in her night robe. He gazed down at her for a moment, taking in the sight of her figure before turning away and snapping the door to his room open.

                “You might as well come in, Chizuru.” He grumbled and stepped into the room. Chizuru stood rooted where she was as she followed his tall form with her eyes. Noticing that she hadn’t followed, Hijikata turned and tilted his head questioningly. “Are you coming in or not, girl?” Chizuru startled and gave a slight bow.

                “Pardon my entrance.” She said politely before kneeling down to set the tray of tea on the floor just inside the door, crawling into the door and then slowly closing the door behind her. She then took the tray in her hands again, stood up and walked silently to set the tea on the corner of the table where Hijikata was now seated cross legged, arms in his sleeves. He watched her carefully and as she stood awkwardly after placing the tea, he narrowed his dark eyes.

                “Sit.” He commanded. Chizuru bowed again.

                “I’m sorry, Hijikata-san. I should return to my room.” She said quietly, not looking at him. Hijikata growled menacingly.

                “I said sit down, Chizuru. “ He snapped. She straightened up quickly at the tone of his voice and then stepped back a few steps to slowly sink down into a polite traditional sit. They sat in silence for a moment before he reached out and took a sip of his tea, his eyes closing and a pleasant expression taking over his flawless face. “Tonight’s tea is better than usual. What did you put in it?” He asked, looking over at her. Chizuru beamed.

                “I added a bit of jasmine and a taste of honeysuckle. I thought it might be a good combination so I tried it out hoping that you would like it, Hijikata-san.” Hijikata visibly relaxed finally and he sent her one of his gentle smiles that he reserved only for times like these.

                “I like it very much, Chizuru. I never would have thought that it would taste like this. I must commend you on your tea making.” He said. Chizuru blushed and looked down at her hands in her lap.

                “Thank you very much, Hijikata-san.” She said shyly. He gazed at her quietly.

                “You don’t need to be so shy around me you know. You can relax. You’re always too polite when we are alone. Why is that?” He asked in a soft voice.

                “It is because…I am your attendant, sir.” She said not looking at him. Hijikata set his tea down on his table with a clack and moved closer to the girl. He caught her grin in his hand and gently raised her face forcing her to meet his gaze.

                “You really don’t need to be polite when we are alone, Chizuru…”He said. Chizuru met his eyes and the force of his gaze caused her to stumble backwards in embarrassment and she stood quickly. She moved to the door opened in and turned to bow politely at him.

                “I really must return, Hijikata-san. I wish you a good night. Enjoy your tea.” She said and snapped the door shut. Hijikata sighed irritably as he stared at the door she had just exited. He really didn’t know how to handle her when she grew that embarrassed. He wondered if she found his touch to be unsatisfactory. He looked down at his hands and clenched them tightly into fists before releasing them and finishing off his tea.

                “You escaped tonight, Chizuru…….you won’t be so lucky the next time.” He muttered dangerously before blowing out the candle that lit his room.  

© 2013 Althelia Marie Caine

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Althelia Marie Caine
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Added on October 29, 2013
Last Updated on October 29, 2013
Tags: romance, forbidden, love, embrace


Althelia Marie Caine
Althelia Marie Caine

Bend, OR

My name is Layla. I have of love of writing and literature but to be perfectly honest? I'm not very good with words and I have a hard time putting them together to form poetry or a story. And I'm okay.. more..