Escaping Cherry Blossom Chapter 2

Escaping Cherry Blossom Chapter 2

A Story by Althelia Marie Caine

A continuation of the Hakuouki Fanfiction



She watched, eyes widened with terror as the sword gleamed at it slashed its way downward into her pale, fragile flesh. Blood sprayed outward covering the paper door and the tatami mats within the dark room. A scream erupted from her mouth as she met the crazed violet eyes of the white haired man who stood over her slowly weakening body. She reached to touch her hand to the deep gash across her torso and when she drew it away the dark stain of her seeping blood coated her delicate fingers. She looked up to meet his eyes again, tears now welling up in her dulling brown eyes.

But….why?” She breathed reaching her bloody hand up towards him, lightly touching her fingers to his cheek leaving traces of blood on his beautiful face. She could feel him tremble as he touched a hand to her wound brought it to his lips. His tongue lapped up he dark red liquid while he stared into her paling face. Tears spilled from her eyes as she watched his violet eyes lose the craziness inside them and her last image was of his panic stricken face as his hair faded back into its natural black.

***End Dream***

                Chizuru awoke from her sleep letting out a blood curdling scream that shook her to the core. She hugged her arms tightly around her, tears streaming from her eyes. Her bedroom door snapped open and in barreled Heisuke, Saitou, Souji, Sanosuke, Shinpachi and Hijikata. Saitou reached her first and took her face gently between his hands and forced her distant eyes to look at him.

                “Yukimura! Yukimura!” He called out to her. She didn’t respond, she just continued to cry and shake violently. Hijikata strolled over and gently took the girl from Saitou and lightly slapped her cheek trying to gain her attention.

                “Chizuru. Chizuru , look at me.” He voiced softly. Her eyes quickly lost their distant gaze and she fixed her eyes on his face and trembled.

                “Hijikata-san…” She whimpered. Hijikata lightly brushed his hand over her hair trying to comfort her.

                “It’s okay, Chizuru. Whatever happened you’re safe now. Whatever happened in your dreams, it can’t hurt you now.” He murmured. Heisuke knelt down to the right of Chizuru and placed a hand on her arm.

                “What happened, Chizuru?” He asked. Chizuru turned her head to look at him and then closed her eyes tightly to the image that came to her mind.  She grabbed her head in her hands.

                “Nooo!” She cried out, squeezing her eyes shut tightly. Hijikata tried to bring her into his embrace and she forcefully wrenched herself back from him, found Saitou and buried her face into his chest. Saitou looked down at her in confusion.

                “Just what was your dream about, Yukimura? Can you tell us that if you can?” He soothed. Chizuru shook her head, refusing to relive the experience. Saitou sighed and touched her hair gently. “I think it’s best if you aren’t alone for the next while.” He said and glanced at Hijikata. Hijikata nodded and collected her from Saitou’s arms and picked her up.

                “Is it okay if you stay in my room for a while, Chizuru?” He asked. Chizuru gazed up at him through her tear filled eyes and nodded absently not caring that he was the source of her horrible nightmare. Nodding, Hijikata carried her away.


                Hijikata awake to the warmth of a small body pressed against his front. He leaned up on his elbow to gaze down at the tiny girl lying in his bed. Her face seemed quite peaceful now. It had taken a while to calm her down after he had brought her to his room the night before. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face and smiled gently. She stirred and slowly opened her eyes and looked up to meet his violet gaze.

                “Hijikata…san..” She murmured groggily.

                “Good morning. How are you feeling?” He asked warily. Chizuru glanced away and blushed.

                “I’m….fine now. You don’t need to worry about me.”  She said and then got up from the futon she had shared with Hijikata. She tightened the sash on her robe and looked at her feet. “I’ll go help prepare breakfast now, Hijikata-san. Thank you for staying with me last night.” He watched he closely and then nodded.

                “It’s not a problem. I do want to know what it was that scared you so badly, however. I’ve never seen you cry that hard before, Chizuru.” He said. Chizuru nodded and then turned away from him so that he couldn’t see her face.

                “I’ll be fine now. Please do not worry about me.” She said and then exited the room. She stood outside his door and hung her head. That dream has traumatized her in some way. Of all the things to dream about…it would be him murdering her for her blood. She knew how the blood lust worked. It was hard for them to control it. The fake demons needed blood in order to survive and her being who she was, it was her blood that they needed the most in order to keep what humanity they had left. She knew he wasn’t the type of man who would ever intentionally hurt her even in his demon form, but that dream had visibly shaken her and she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to tell him about it let alone how she was supposed to face him again. She sighed heavily and then quickly made her way to her room to change into her hakama and then hurried off to the kitchen to help with that days breakfast. 

© 2013 Althelia Marie Caine

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Added on October 29, 2013
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