Acantha - CHAPTER 1

Acantha - CHAPTER 1

A Chapter by lep1910

     Panting and breathless, she walked down the trail. Her joints pained as she walked, her legs slipping causing her white skirt to be painted by the green moss. She caught a branch not caring whether it was poison ivy or not to stand on her feet. The air smelled fresh and the smell of rain and mud lingered every where. Taking a deep breath, she started dragging her feet up the muddy trail. The rain had stopped, leaving her soaked in it's drops. Her hair stuck to her forehead as the weight of her clothes made it harder to walk. 

    She could see the sun shine where the trail ended. People had warned her but she never listened. She was always her own person. They had said that strange things happened in the woods. But Acantha was always curious as to what these strange things were. 

    Small drops of rain still hung on tips of the green leaves, reflecting in the sun. The trail lead up to a higher ground making Acantha rethink her plan to explore. She had come too far to go back, she had to see what lay in the woods. What was the mystery which people had warned her against.

    The trail ended and the land was abruptly raised least half the size of her height. She jumped once to catch a glimpse of what lied on the higher side of ground. All she saw a green blur as she landed firmly on the trail again. She looked around the scene. The sun was still setting, the air getting colder as night approached. The shades of the leaves grew darker as sunlight no longer touched them. Rain had left with an after smell. Finding nothing to grab, Acantha wiped her forehead greasing it with mud without noticing. 

    She decided to jump, and grab a handful of the higher ground. The wet moss made it harder to grasp, and she slipped down landing on her knees. Her skirt was no longer white, it was green and brown. Acantha didn't give up she jumped for it once more, grunting and gasping she scraped her knees against the rocky wall infested with moss and mud, trying to hold on. Her muddy arms were now stretched across the unseen land, as she tried to push off with her sneakers against the rocky wall. Closing her eyes as she felt the pain in her knees, she pushed up with her feet once more and reached the ever green ground. 

    Her eyes still closed, she lay on the ground. Her back against the sky and her face against the ground. The ground smelled like rain and something sweet. The grass felt soft and cold against her skin, and comforting against the scrapes of her knee. She winced and opened her eyes, rubbing them she sat on the comforting ground. The pain she felt was numbed by the scenery which lay before her. The golden sun shone it's rays right in her green eyes, making them blink as her iris reflected liked the leaves covered in rain drops. The grass on the ground was greener and more lush. Small flower buds sprung out of them as springs first touch had passed over them. Every raindrop was reflected on the leaves, and the water which flowed in a small stream ahead. 

    Acantha tried to get on her feet as best as she could, instead she crawled on her knees. Her wrist and knees grazing the ground as she moved towards the stream. Her white corset like top was wet and smelled sweet just like the grass did. She rasped as her knees scraped against the soft grass. After a few more drags she was now on her knees looking down at the clearest stream of water in her life. It was transparent, it would have been invisible if it wasn't for the sun rays reflecting of its small ripples. 

    Dipping her hand in the clear water, she splashed some on her face and trail of mud fell down and into the stream. She was bewildered when the mud blended right into the water, disappearing and becoming invisible within the water. She was eager to see if that was real or it was just her head imagining things. She splashed some water with looking down her right arm, she desperately watched as the mud once again dissolved and vanished. This time something else caught her attention, there was red fluid along with the mud which dissolved in the stream. Startled at the discovery Acantha skimmed down her arm, and her eyes stood stunned as she saw cuts that dug deep in her wrist, bleeding. Rushing she splatted more water but the blood didn't stop. She brought her left arm in her view, it was still covered in mud.

    A cry left her mouth as she started to panic. She had never seen anything like this. The mud that she was painted in, was cutting and digging through her skin and flesh making her arm bleed. She clasped on her arm but it was no help, her right arm was doing the same as her left arm was. She felt her stomach turn into a knot, and she retched in the stream. Her body had started turning pale, as she felt weak and sick. Her eyes now drooping and closing on the beautiful yet deadly scenery. Her eyes were soon closed, blinding her and drowning her senses in darkness.

    She gasped for oxygen but it was only limited, taking her last breath her body went still. 

    "am i dead?", she heard a voice in her head.

    To her surprise it was her voice.

    "Why am i still thinking? why can i still hear myself?", this time the voice was more softer and angelic but similar to her own. 

    Soon enough that voice faded, but she could still sense herself somewhere deep in the darkness she felt alive.

© 2010 lep1910

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i havent finished reading it yet but so far i love your imagery...its awesome :)...i did catch a few mistakes...

"Small drops of rain still hung on tips of the green leaves, reflecting in the sun. The trail lead up to a higher ground making Acantha rethink her plan to explore" ----> it should be "led" and not "lead"

"What was the mystery which people had warned her against." ----> its a question so it should end with a "?"

other than that, its rlly good so far :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is amazing! This world you have createdfeels so real. You can sense everthing. It is vibrant and engaging and very very beautiful. This is a great piece of writing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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