A Poem by BlackRomeo

Experience is the Teacher of foolish decisions I learnt that while I
Meditated for 20 months, now I’m back in society all I see are politicians hiding behind fake promises making racial divisions. Free speech but say the wrong thing and you won’t be free for long.

While pollution is subtracting the habitats of innocents.

Love, Kindness and Compassion are a trend now but who’s real and who isn’t?
Would he really catch a bullet for you? Or let it hit you in the prefrontal cortex just like the Social Media vortex?

They say they’re an atheist, say that they’re a non believer,
“how could a god let this happen if they really existed?.”
Think they’re so clued up, claim to see the truth in what’s happening in Syria.

So how come they can’t see that they are worshipping Celebrities and Social Media?
You mean you didn’t mean it? They’re a believer all the same only now the gods lie in their hands and no more on the zenith.

Think they’re their own person, don’t realize they’re the chattel of the new world.

Addicted to consumerism if it comes with a good story they’ll support it no questions asked, if it says it’s healthy they swear by it. Evil intentions with an innocent embodiment will leave them brainwashed. Id say wake up but its too late so I guess its irrelevant.

Gaea destroyed by us but now also apparently being saved by us. And it seems like everyone’s helping, so why still all this talk about icecaps still melting?
The main solutions to progress have been lying dormant within Congress.

Or maybe it’s my vision that is clouded. Clouded by my immaturity and inexperience in things which I have been misinformed. I hope it’s so and if it is May my heart be warmed.

© 2019 BlackRomeo

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Added on April 5, 2019
Last Updated on April 5, 2019
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Berlin , Brandenburg , Germany

The name is Romeo, this profile is a collection of all of my thoughts in poetic form. When I write i like to focus on exactly how I feel at that time and turn that feeling into words, and those word.. more..

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A Poem by BlackRomeo

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A Poem by BlackRomeo