When Does Your Yellow Become Your Green

When Does Your Yellow Become Your Green

A Story by Michael S.

Are you tired of using caution when you meet your true love because you are afraid of being hurt. Well let go of the fear and the unknown and follow your heart. No more Yellow in your life.


The traffic light, we all know it. We see it every day. Green is for go, yellow for caution, and red for stop. We all can pretty much agree on the green and red, hands down with no self-explanation needed. But then there’s the yellow light. It surely is a very tricky color because so many people see that light as having different meanings.

Depending on where you’re from, the yellow light is nothing but a different shade of green and also a color for stopping. The fear of getting a ticket makes a lot of people stop, and just catch the next green light no matter if you’re in a hurry or not. The pain of proceeding is too much to deal with so why bother trying to run it. Also, the color yellow also reminds me of the human the heart and the emotions it’s attached to. No one wants to be hurt so they use caution when meeting someone new. They don’t put everything into it because of the fear that this could end up being the wrong thing to do or the fear of being hurt.

Well I declare today that my caution light is gone and I will give you and your heart everything I got. I’m ready to take that major risk of the unknown because my heart tells me that I can’t go wrong with you. Today I will deny any cautions that the world warns me about and just love you like I have never loved anyone before. I’m ready to step out there and accept anything that may be coming in my direction.

I understand that this could be dangerous to my heart but when I look at you I have no fear, and I surely won’t have any regrets tomorrow. Today is the day that I take back the meaning of true love and believe that our lives, our paths have crossed for a specific reason. I have peace within myself from the decision that I have made. Your heart has shown me love and today no matter what I will take my open heart and give you everything from my head to me feet.

You have me completely and I welcome you into my heart forever and ever. As I finish this I hold the tears back because this is what I dreamed loved would feel like and you gave my dream life. And you have given me the hope I have longed for, to not use caution and follow my inner soul to love like never before. Bye bye hesitation and hello destiny. Kisses and I’m yours.

© 2014 Michael S.

Author's Note

Michael S.
Please excuse the grammar. This is my first time I ever did anything like this. tell me what you think about what I wrote.

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Added on October 27, 2014
Last Updated on October 28, 2014
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