Pink or Blue

Pink or Blue

A Poem by limoncello

a slam poem without the slam


Pink or Blue

Up to this point, nothing has changed

I’ve worn the same clothes, same pronouns, same name

But suddenly

There’s a sharp pain

Somewhere on the left side of my chest

Every time someone merely suggests


My gender is shouted out by a doctor

Some few seconds after my birth

But why?

It’s true, isn’t it?

But nothing feels worse

Than poison-tipped ‘she’, or

Gun-shot ‘ma’am’


I know for a fact that

I am

More than two boxes labeled

‘m’ and ‘f’

Than ‘sup ladies’ or ’hey guys’

I’m simply what’s left

Over after you’ve shoved

Every single thing that exists

Into a pink or blue box

© 2018 limoncello

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What the doctor labels you when you are born is your biological sex, not your gender.

You can call yourself whatever you want in terms of gender... but at the end of the day the distinction between the sexes is biological for very well established and medically important anatomical reasons (reproductive organs and secondary characteristics like muscle mass, bone density, fat/muscle distributions, etc..). Your biological sex is what the doctor is calling out and that biological sex is how medical doctors treat your illness/injuries throughout your life. It's important to understand --- your sex has nothing to do with your social roles and gender roles have nothing to do with your anatomy. The whole argument that there should be more than two boxes or no boxes at all on your birth certificate is spurious and medically irresponsible.... newborn babies have no idea what their gender role is at birth but it's very obvious what their biological distinction is; not to mention it's crucial information for the hospital staff to know so they can provide effective medical care. Your gender roles have nothing to do with that... and that's why I think that part of trans movement makes no sense and is a product of ignorance - they don't understand the difference between biological sex and gender roles. You can be a male who identifies gender-wise as a female... but pretending that biologically you are all female if you were born as a male is pure stupidity.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Hey, thanks for your review.
However, the poem is about the stigma that gender and sex are al.. read more
It's a terrific poem, but we could argue for hours about the content. I totally agree that you should not be defined by your gender, but I absolutely detest the current push to get rid of gender-specific nouns. Gender IS important; I like to know whether I am talking to or about a man or a woman. To me, it is a case of taking a valid point to ridiculous extremes. Cas in point - 'actor' and 'actress'. When you have someone with a gender-neutral name like Robin or Leslet or Francic, where's the harm in letting someone know that you are talking about a man or a woman by using the gender-specific noun?
Sorry, that's my rant for the day. That said, it is an excellent piece of work, my friend.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Thank you!!
About the pronouns, I completely agree that they are important in conversation in.. read more
The Iron Horseman

2 Years Ago

You are welcome.And everybody should do whatever makes them comfortable in this regard. I just objec.. read more
I'm in exactly the same position you are, and I'm so glad you submitted to my contest because I love your work very much. (Also, I love your profile picture.)


Posted 2 Years Ago

its a complicated world isn't it ..well said my friend ... well said indeed ... respect and acceptance needs a full circle says i ... hate comes from unlikely corners sometimes ... i believe in God's love available to all right here and right now ... everything else is personal ;) the ideal world is not meant for this one in my opinion .. we all just have choices to make ... and once made to own the repercussions .. strong social voice in your lines ..very smooth tho filled with your angst ... its speaks softly enough to be listened to .. well done says i!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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New York, NY

HELLO! Just an itty-bitty writer and artist from a not-so-itty-bitty city. I write most of my poetry while dissociating, and I don't usually edit it after, so there usually some improvements tha.. more..

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