Your House

Your House

A Story by literarygirl37

A quick sad oneshot based on the song "Your House".


                Carly turned off her car and slammed the door shut. Michael hadn’t answered the phone when she’d called him and now she was worried. She didn’t bother knocking; instead she just walked into the house. His house. The familiar hall smelled just like him. She knew she shouldn’t be there without asking him. Would he forgive her? Slowly, she stripped off her clothes, the memories of him taking them off fresh in her mind. She climbed in his shower and danced to the memory of him running his fingers through her lush, black hair.

                When she was done in the shower, she slowly made her way into his room. Opening his closet, she pulled out his robe, which she wrapped around her own small body. His cologne… She sprayed some on herself, immersing her in his scent. She went over to his CD collection and smiled when she saw his Joni CD. Knowing that he could be home any minute and she should leave, she lit a stick of incense and began to run a bath. Before she could get in, she saw a letter sitting on his desk.

Dearest Michael,

I love you, baby. Meet me at midnight if you want to know how much I love you.



                Tears welled in Carly’s eyes as she realized that it wasn’t her handwriting. Crying, she climbed in the bath and tried to drown her sadness. When that didn’t work, she curled up in his bed, her salty tears staining his sheets. She hoped he would forgive her if she just stayed here all day. Crying her eyes out in his house.

© 2010 literarygirl37

Author's Note

I appreciate any and all comments.

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Megan, I read your story and was very impressed. Then I read your About section and was blown away. At 14 you were really able to capture emotion and intimacy in this story that is hard for any writer to do. I haven't read any of your other work but I will soon. The grammar and punctuation is perfect. Keep up the good work. I wrote a story based on the song As I went out One Morning...check it out.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Ellettsville , IN

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm 14 years old and writing is my life. I got my start writing fanfiction, but now I mostly work on my own stuff. (Although I still enjoy visiting from time to time!) I .. more..

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A Story by literarygirl37