Chapter One - Birth

Chapter One - Birth

A Chapter by LittleGuitar94

Jonah's sister stumbles to his door, about to give birth, on a stormy night in Aldea.


It had been many years since Jonah had seen his sister, but he had no trouble recognising her that night in the howling wind when she turned up at his house in the city of Aldea, knocking frantically on the wooden door.

Jonah remembered it as though it was yesterday. Adelaide’s blonde hair dripped with water from the storm which raged outside. A blue and white dress, specially made to fit her heavily pregnant frame was soaked through. He remembered the faint smell of flowers as well as the tightness with which she clung onto him as she sobbed into his shoulder. When she almost collapsed in pain in his arms he told Logan, his apprentice, to get the doctor, as he helped her onto his bed in the study. Jonah listened to his sister’s hurried, painful explanation as she gripped his hand tightly. Logan and the doctor rushed into the house just as she began to scream in agony.


An hour later, the doctor handed her a baby boy wrapped in some white cloth. Adelaide smiled and Jonah thought she looked once again his joyful younger sister, but then their eyes met and Jonah’s heart plunged.

‘Promise me you’ll take care of him.’ She whispered.

‘I will.’ Jonah’s voice was heavy and he struggled to talk past the lump in his throat.


A single tear rolled down her cheek. She looked down at the little boy in her arms. Adelaide kissed her son’s forehead carefully and whispered.

‘Good luck Caelan. Farewell.’

She handed the child to Jonah and closed her eyes. Adelaide’s face smoothed as her worry seemed to vanish. She breathed her last breath and the room was silent. The baby Caelan moved in his cloth wrapping.

Jonah looked down at the small pink child that was the only thing left of his sister. He turned away from Logan and the doctor.


‘Let’s find you somewhere to sleep, Caelan.’

© 2011 LittleGuitar94

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Added on January 10, 2011
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