tmnt story prt. 1

tmnt story prt. 1

A Story by Talia The Hedgehog



Donnie turned around to hear a knock at his door. He armed himself and opened the door. A teenage girl with black hair, purple highlights, and looked like a tiger was in Mickey’s arms. “Dude! We have to help her! Like, she was passed out on the sidewalk! So, I had to do something! Please don’t tell sensei!” he pleaded. “Whatever. Just bring her in. you’ll get in trouble anyways.” He sighed. Mikey laid her on the metal table.

She woke up. Her purple tiger eyes stared at Donnie with great fear. She screamed and ran into the corner. Donnie got up and put his hand over her mouth. “Shush. We’re not going to hurt you.” He said soothingly. She calmed down. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Delilah. What is yours?” she asked with a Russian accent. “Donatello. But my friends call me Donnie.” He said. Mickey knocked on the door and came in. “Is she ok?” he asked. “I hope so. Are you?” they both looked at her. “Sure. Who are you? Why are you dressed like turtles?” she asked. They looked at each other. “This is Mickey. We are mutants. So we were like, mutated to look like this. But we were always turtles. Just now we have the features of teenage humans.” Donnie interrupted. She looked frightened. “So you’re kind of like me? I was always a tiger then a scientist put green-blue stuff on me now I look like this. But instead of being a four year old kid, I’m a teenager. Sorry, I didn’t know you knew about the mutation process. But I wish I could go out in public.” She said pointing at her stripes. Mickey nudged Donnie because he was staring at her, drooling. He came out of his trance. “Sorry. I’m a little bit of a nerd. After I became a mutant I searched everything for a cure and on the way I learned math and all that junk that everybody hates. Metaphorically I only understand everything in quantum physics.” She said. “What?” Mickey cocked his head to the side. Donnie slapped him upside the head. “She’s smart. Like me. But smarter than you, you idiot!” he said. Delilah giggled and flicked her tail.

That night Donnie lay in his lab. Ever since April left him he’s been lonely. He ripped down his picture of him and her on a swing set. “Now I have Delilah.” He murmured. Donnie sat on the floor. He looked up to see his sensei. “Donatello. May I see you?” he asked. He got up and they walked to the training center. There sat Mickey, Leo, Ralph, and Delilah. “Do you have something to tell us, Donatello?” Splinter asked. “Sensei I-“He started. Mickey rose. “No. I was in the open and I saw HER like, all passed out. So I brought her here so nobody would know that mutants were even in NYC!” he explained. Donnie stood there, dumbfounded. “Is this true, Donatello?” he asked. “Yes, sensei.” He put his head down. “Delilah. Can you fight?” he looked over at her. “Yes. I know karate and I’m good with a staff.” She replied. “Raphael. Prove she is worthy of joining us. Donatello, can she use your staff?” Splinter said. Donnie gave her his staff. “Sensei, I can’t hurt an innocent GIRL.” Ralph complained. “Do as you are told.” He said back. “GIRL?!? You’re going to get it now!” Delilah yelled. She charged towards him and pinned him down. Leo passed him his knives. Before he could get her, Delilah back flipped off of him. She slipped the blade out of the end of the staff and slit it into the ground. She held tight onto it and spun around and knocked him out. Ralph lay down on the floor, unconscious and had no idea what happened to him. “Ralph just got pummeled! By a girl!” Mickey laughed. “Delilah, you have proved yourself worthy of joining us. Donatello will eventually make you a staff closer to your liking and maybe give you lessons.” Splinter bowed down to her. “Thank you, master Splinter.” She bowed down.

Donnie was in his lab with Delilah. “You have pretty eyes.” He said. “Thank you. I love the color purple.” She said. “Thanks. Green looks good on you though.” He pointed at her green shirt. “When do I get my ninja mask?” she asked. “Right here Donnie had a green mask in his hands. “That is so thoughtful of you!” she said. She put it on and acted silly. Donnie joined in. They were on the ground, laughing. Mickey was on the outside of the door, listening to them. He’d never heard Donnie laugh. He signaled the others to come and listen. “I think Donnie has a new crush.” Ralph teased. “Oh shut up.” Leo said. back in the lab, Donnie looked at Delilah and smiled. “Oh you and your cute missing teeth.” She said. He blushed and scratched the back of his neck. She giggled and pointed to her teeth. “it’s ok. I have missing teeth too, see?” she replied. Two of her front pointy teeth were gone. “Are you blushing?” she asked. “you’re pretty.” He said. He fell on the ground, face first. Leo burst in and took him somewhere. Ralph and Mickey stepped in. “you know he like, has a crush on you?” Mickey asked. “Really?” Delilah asked as she slumped down in her chair. “you didn’t know that! Plus he does this when he flirts too much. Nerdy idiot.” Ralph said twirling his knives. She growled and pounced on him. “Don’t talk like that, you’ll regret it.” She said. “Ok… chicks need their privacy.” He stammered. She got off of him and they turned to see Leo and Donnie. “oooohhh! Donnie’s looking for some action!” Mickey teased. Donnie walked over to him like a chick swaying from side to side and slapped him in the face. He limped over to Ralph and punched him in the gut. “How dare you!” Ralph said. They were about to hit each other until Delilah punched Ralph in the face.

Delilah’s P.O.V

I hope he gets what he deserves. “I promise one day you’re going to get it!” Ralph said. He took his knives off his belt and swung them back and forth. Donnie hid behind me. “You really are a wimp!” Ralph said. I slid under him and kicked. Michelangelo was laughing his head off. Ralph turned to him. “You think this is funny?” he asked. Then he ran over next to me. “She’s on my side! So you can’t get me!” he teased. “What? You think I’m afraid to hit a girl!” Ralph replied. “No, WE think you’re too wimpy to hit a girl!” he yelled back. “Who said we? This is your problem!” I yelled back. Ralph charged at us. Then Leo got in the way. “Whoa. Thanks. Are you ok?” I asked looking at Ralph on top of him. “Ow. Uh, yeah. Are you?” he asked. I nodded.

After a good sleep for us all I was on a plushy couch, playing video games with Mickey. 

© 2014 Talia The Hedgehog

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i will have Part 2 out later

Posted 8 Years Ago

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