This cold night

This cold night

A Poem by Charles Konsor

just a cold (and lonely) night where too many things arise in my brain.


Cold hard rains
fall on northwest nights
and a, a body
too lonely, too long
he walks slow, then fast,
then slow.

He imagines things going wrong,
and then imagines a hundred things
going right

Where she is outside his apartment
A long speech prepared
And he says no, not now
Now I don't care
Now I need a friend

Someone to count the seconds
As the bamboo sheets slowly exhale
Drop upon our bodies
Outline our shapes
Feet which intertwine
over and over

Up the body it moves
hips, hands, lips.

Ahh, but dreams.
The soundtrack of soft rain
Yes, it's soft now.

And I search photos for deceit
for worth
for anything that will give me a glimpse of you
and your character.

And rambling on I go
Pathetic, alone, boring
Like the dreams of friends
It's hard to care
but I'll write it still
Because I care
Because someday you cared

Someday you walked a little slower
A little faster
You played out scenes with her
You pretended she would come upon  you
Any moment now
See you as you were
Romantic, simple, real, you

Yes, I dream
Yes, you dreamt
And on lonely nights we comb through scenes
Life lived without us
With us.
Where did it go wrong?

It didn't
It just is
And tommorrow night
One drink too many
And the same dreams return

© 2015 Charles Konsor

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Featured Review

This is so wonderful and flowing.
I realy liked these words here.

"Ahh, but dreams.
The soundtrack of soft rain
Yes, it's soft now."

You can write a wonderful passionate write.
I liek at the end where you say the same
dreams return. Quite cute really.
An enjoyable read from you Charles.
I hope to read more from you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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First I love poetry that circles back on itself since I tend to do that I appreciate the effort to do it and in this you did beautifully and sadly. I really love this piece. Well done

Posted 10 Months Ago

Ah. This is so very lovely. ❤️
A passionate walk through your thoughts and a captivating witness of them spilling upon the page.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Beware that drink, that one to many. :) As you ramble on to a new day.

Posted 2 Years Ago

dreamy hints of romance with a touch of erotica that allows one to derive, from the next to last line, that a hangover may culminate these alcohol induced dreams upon awakening ... Been there ... Done that ... Cryin' in the beer ... Woe is me, pass the whiskey please ... relationships can do that to a person, especially, every time we try to drink those memories away ... They're only right around dream corner ...

Posted 4 Years Ago


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