A Trip to the Shore

A Trip to the Shore

A Poem by Jack

The Jersey Shore, why do you watch?


Why is the Jersey shore so great?

Watching, knowing, I should hate…but wait!

Snookie might say something insightful,

Like Newton and Nietzsche her thoughts delightful.

As Snookie remarks, ‘I eat Guidos for lunch.’

Ronnie drops a dude with just one punch!


Watching J Woww take it from behind,

A guilty smile stretches across my mind.

“The Situation” always makes me glad,

For the college education that I have had

Vinnie is the sensitive, quiet one,

He calls girls ‘b***h’ and ‘s**t’ for fun


Some girl was kicked off the show real fast,

I hope that Ronnie and ‘Sweetheart’ will last!

Sad to say I am emotionally invested,

A tear comes to my eye when one gets arrested

Seriously, do people like this really exist?

Or in the end is there a big hidden twist?


Sometimes when I feel like I am too self centered,

I know that after 5 minutes of watching the Shore

This is a feeling I can rightly ignore.

Besides trying to cure and quench our bore,

What does it say about you and me,

When we let MTV make this our reality?

© 2010 Jack

Author's Note

All right obviously if you've seen the show it will make more sense.....haha hopefully the message is clear enough...

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omg everyone gets everything from jersey shore! like i was in class and this girl was having relationship problems and everyone was like remember what ronnie did to sammy you need to dump him and yeah lol but this was really good i have to say im hooked on the show but i hope people dont really act like that. anyways great write man i liked it :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

lol the message is very clear Jack. We in britain suffer from these American imports too. Scarey as hell on earth!lol

This poem made me smile, as I am sure, the show does for many an astute viewer.

Its kind of ironic, init?lol

smiling at you


Posted 14 Years Ago

Aww, I'll review it.
When I originally read this, I thought it was very clever and funny. I watched the first season so I knew what you were talking about the whole way through. It's true enough there were times I'd think, "WHY am I watching this?" but I'd also get upset because Snookie got punched in the face or Ronnie got locked up for smacking a guy that totally deserved it. I was creeped out when I read the last two lines because I think I've actually said that. Your rhyme was good and you managed to maintain it while telling your story. I thought all these things and didn't say anything because I suck, not because your writing does.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I dont really understand what this is about.. But that doesnt mean I dont think this isnt a good piece. Is it just me.. Or does the word Nietzsche stand out more? I think it's the colour..? I have no idea... Unless it's just me. Ah well. You have the potential to become a great writer, I'm sure of it. Keep at it, I'm sure you'll get there in no time. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

really? no reviews???? arggg back to the drawing board....

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 21, 2010
Last Updated on May 21, 2010
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