Autumn Road

Autumn Road

A Poem by Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

The roads we travel will always lead us home...

Autumn Road 


Carlos Lorenzo Estrada 

(A Perpetual Fall)

Upon this Autumn road I've walked 

With weary heart confess 

Beneath the fervent cypress leaves 

That clatter calm distress 

In wild grass that blooms emerald 

and bends in sorrow'd waves 

Each blade languished; from a song of wind

Within changing of her days

The blossoms of a florets Spring 

Paint lavish earth with vibrance 

As daisies frolic 'pon their stems 

In echo of their silence 

The tender weeping of a stream 

Pours gently upon its path

Crescendos into river's edge

And roars with nature's wrath

Wisterias draped with Spanish moss

Enchanting in their presence 

As dandelion seeds flutter like rain

In hauntingly abundance 

The call of tree birds ring aloud

On thorny aureate branches

With iridescent wings aflutter 

Take to wind in joyful dances

In the labor of my tired limbs 

I walk this path alone

In search for simple peace of mind

From quiet steps I roam 

For road was long; I've traveled far

And forgotten where and when

To reach the garden of God's soul

and find myself again... 

© 2023 Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

Author's Note

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada
The path we roam will always lead us home. But home is not always the place we may have expected or wanted in our search. Love often works in such mysterious ways as we know. Hopes often flutter in the wind upon these roads and time often stops, or moves us forward to the point we have forgotten where and when our journey began. And when we look behind ourselves we find we are alone. With our thoughts, the wind, nature, and what we believe as God.

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I truly felt as though I was there walking with you, well done.

Posted 1 Month Ago

you paint a lovely pictureque scene of Autumn
as we journey onward ..lovely poetic verse from
start to finished lines..well crafted ..& conveyed

Posted 1 Month Ago

These words are so very beautiful and relatable Loved the flow. Within the lines are hidden meaning as we all travel a road of search of the hidden treasures within ourselves ;-}

Posted 1 Month Ago


You have set to pen of page beautifully written philosophical words that do though provokingly touch upon all that Man is in his Humanity-prone quest which is none other than a desire to revisit and re-establish his innermost evaluation's sensation of having known and found true value in himself, and that long before other distractions of our planetary reality led him astray to eventually forget who he was and who he is, what he loves and desires, what lights the very fires of his heart and mind, as life and time can be ever so unkind as to numb the mind in amnesiac cruelty of having forgotten who we are and why as we look to the empty skies for answers that can only be found within ourselves as a truest revisit to that only Eden Man has ever known of actually known: The Heart-of-Man itself, before overthinking habits of conceit of our own significance defiled that garden of the Human Heart & Mind ...

Most inspiring lines here as I do hope that you can tell ...


Posted 3 Months Ago

Shades of the English Romantic Wordsworth with this one, in his poetic wanderings. A very painterly and evocative Piece. Excellent ✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️

Posted 3 Months Ago

Not really alone with all that, are we? Hard to be lonely when we have poetry. You share, and we see. By your side is where the wind, nature and God will be ... not to mention, me.


Posted 3 Months Ago

At first glance this is such an evocative visual poem. A simple joy for a painter. But on further reading I see the lights and story of faith and belief that is entwined within it. A multi layered rather beautiful creation.
And what we believe as God indeed.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Months Ago

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me on this poem. I truly appreciate it Ken. This p.. read more
Ken Simm.

3 Months Ago

Thanks for that more detailed explaination. Yes, I can see all those things in there. And you are mo.. read more
Our journey begins
Upon first breath;
Our path twisted and often unhinged;
but we all know it ends in death.

we write poems, sing songs, love and are loved, and create beautiful art as we journey through our lives and yet it is only us who contemplate our existence and determine the paths we take. And in some ways, we also determine our deaths, since how we live also determines how we die.

your poem was a pleasure to read and enjoy Carlos, thanks for sharing it and alowing me to wander in it.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Months Ago

Thank you so much for your kind words that are filled with so much wisdom. When I wrote this piece .. read more
Carlos this poem brings memories of "The road not taken" by Robert Frost. A beautiful description of nature and I feel that I have been there befor. So well rhymed and with such good meter as well. A pleasure to read.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Months Ago

Thank you Soren for such a kind comment on this piece. I have always wanted to write a piece that u.. read more
Nice rhyming....along with vivid images of your walking path....sometimes walking alone and not knowing exactly where it will bring you, is good for the soul....a special journey to find oneself....among the natural beauty we can all enjoy...nicely written Carlos...
Warmly, B

Posted 3 Months Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Months Ago

Thank you kindly B. For the longest time I wanted to write an evocative piece filled with beautiful .. read more
Betty Hermelee

3 Months Ago

You certainly did a beautiful job of your family tree and all the descriptives….so honest and sinc.. read more

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Carlos Lorenzo Estrada
Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

salinas , CA

If I can say something worth saying that makes just one person think about others...I'll try. The greatest storyteller was my grandmother. I miss her stories. Also, I would like to add to please pay.. more..


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