A Poem by Sasha Curtis




I could say nothing more

Got no more reasons to stay

Just another day, where I wanna be left alone.


She keeps saying

“It’s okay.”

Even when she knows it isn’t true.


I’m just a shadow that,

No one ever sees.


Each hidden tear,

Won’t change anything.


I don’t care what you say

The sky isn’t blue,

It’s gray.


Don’t hug when I’m this way

Don’t ask

“Are you okay?”

Do I look okay to you?


She wouldn’t get it, anyway.


Leave me here, alone, in deep agony, deep woe

For a while now, I have been alone.


Where I am,

There is no sunshine.


She can’t fix anything.


It’s too late anyway

The vilest of all demons,

Made everything, each tear, each scar, this way.


The brightest light

Got lost in my darkness.


Hopeless in my own twisted imagination,

Lonely, cold, depressed, buried in deep woe,

Me, wanting to bleed all the problems away.


Thorns from the lost memories

Broke my strong shield

I am too weak now.


Things just can’t get better,

Don’t worry about me.


On the inside,

Everyone hurts right?


Compare me to the fool

The fool is all fun and games on the outside

The inside is guarded with a great lock

Only those who can see the truth, and those who can understand,

See that behind that lock, the fool is buried in woe.


Hopeless in my own torture chamber

Things are slowly taking me apart.


She lied

Things are not “Okay.”


My agony is starting to reveal itself, to all my beloved.


My true nature has shown,

Dark, cold, alone in my solitude,

There are no rainbows here.


For every tear that I shed in secret,

There is a deeper meaning.


No one hears me,

No matter how loud I scream.


She lied

Everything isn’t “Okay.”

© 2011 Sasha Curtis

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Added on April 14, 2011
Last Updated on April 14, 2011


Sasha Curtis
Sasha Curtis


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