Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Luv143Hate142

            The sounds of pans clinging together awaken me.

“WAKE UP CHILDREN!” Madame says. I haven’t the slightest idea why she calls us children; we’re all at least 14 or older. I just know she does. I sit up slightly, watching the scene around me; about 10 busy teenagers, frantically trying to get ready for school. “IT’S TOO EARLY”, I scream back, and slump back under the thin blankets.  I hear a sharp ringing in my ears and immediately shoot up.

“That doesn’t exclude you Leila.” Madame snarls, and walks away. My stormy gray eyes shoot her a look so poisonous I’m surprised she doesn’t melt on the spot. Flipping my short black hair back, I begin to stand. Being in an orphanage sucks, especially if you’ve been here since 5 years old. My parents were killed by a drunk taxi cab driver and I’ve been here every since.  If you want to know more about that story, well sorry it’s not going to happen. I don’t like talking about it.

            BRINGGG. “S**t I’m late,” I mumble to myself. When I get into first period science, Mr. Crowferr is writing notes on the board.

 “Late again, Mrs. Knight.” He said. It sounded more like a question, but I didn’t dare comment.

“Sorry Mr. Crowferr,” I replied. He turned around and faced me, giving off a warm smile.

 “Detention,” he said warmly. My mouth went wide and I clenched my jaw. The whole class was staring, just waiting to see what I would do; what I would say. They knew I was angry. I wound my mouth up into a tight smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Crowferr,” I clenched, not giving my fellow peers satisfaction.  The tension dropped as everyone went back to writing. I slid into the seat next to my best friends: Jeff and Amy. Amy nervously put a piece of newly dyed red hair in her mouth, a nervous habit.

 “Madame’s gonna kill you!” Amy mouthed.

“I know!” I mouthed back.

            “I hate him!” I said to Jeff when class let out.

“Who doesn’t?” he replied, laughing slightly. The two of us walked to art, awkwardness and tension rising. “High schools a b***h, isn’t it?” Jeff said, breaking the tension. I laughed sarcastically,

 “I know right.”


 “Lunch is here!” Amy screamed as we walked out of language arts into the noisy hallway. Lunch was Amy’s favorite time of the day because usually me, Jeff, and Amy go off campus and meet her boyfriend, Toby.

“Let’s go find Jeff and leave already.” I said.

“Rawr”, Amy whispered.


© 2010 Luv143Hate142

Author's Note

Please enjoy and comment i thrive on criticism- good or bad :)
P.S. sorry its kinda short

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Thanks!! When I get in my laptop I will fix that (right now I'm on my iPod) and I don't know why i have it Madame nit madam. Hmmm. I will try and put more detail into this and put a little more about them going to high school. I decided to name the school Cite High School (I don't know why I choose this name) thanks!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

thats cool!
i cant wait to see what happens next ^-^
i just have a question... does everyone in the orphanage go to that school?
also... why did you chose to call the person "Madame"
are they in france or something?
ir is it like Madam...

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is good, can't wait to read more(: And, just something I noticed, "Mrs." would mean that she's married, and I don't think Leila is married. You would call her "Miss"

Just sayin'. Still, good job(:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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