Not All Here

Not All Here

A Poem by And She Sings

Maybe better inspiration now.

Where do I begin?
And how have I ended 
up in this sea of darkness,
that consumes my will,
my hope, and my light?
I wander through my days,
passing ghosts of strangers
and moments.
The ground that covered my
skeletons continues to erode, and
my past reveals itself again.
It comes in the form of blue eyes.
It pins blond hair and tucks it behind 
ears that used to listen when I cried.
It calls out "sexy" in such a 
familiar way.
I relish in the love that 
I can give myself, but it
is never enough.
The ghosts will never go.
They will creep up behind me and
lurk around ever corner
to haunt me with
the thought
of you.
But all along, there was nothing.
What I thought was ours was 
a lie. A trick of cards to make me
lie down for you.
Open up to you.
And you shut down for me 
and shut me up in a cage 
to keep me in for 
God knows how long.
Your language doesn't carry
the way it used to.
Does this have to do with
the way you stopped speaking 
the language of Forgiveness?
I would bet my chips on that, 
but we've run clean out.
As we gather around the table
with cards and blank faces,
I read your expression like
you skimmed my apologies.
You, as an almost lover, as if 
a lover is all you meant to me.
A friend would have been accurate,
had you wanted to but a friend be.

© 2012 And She Sings

Author's Note

And She Sings
Experimenting with inverting syntax.

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Added on December 12, 2012
Last Updated on December 12, 2012
Tags: lost, broken


And She Sings
And She Sings


I am a sophmore and high school sucks, so I'm just going to release all of my dirt on you, the public. I mostly write free verse. REVIEW EVERYTHING! EVEN IF YOU HATE IT. LET ME KNOW! more..

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