The Nightmare

The Nightmare

A Poem by makaylarayne10

I got bored. The first stanza isn't quite relevant to the rest of it but oh well.

Before her stretched lands unknown.
She was the controller...
The ruler was she.
And every time her pencil flew,
she created worlds,
Her art, her music, and her stories.
These were the only things she had control of in the world.
For every time she was pulled out of her perfect worlds,
she found naught peace,
serenity naught.
Nothing short of a nightmare.

Ah, the nightmare!
Such a graceful being with mane of torture,
hooves of fright
body of suffering.

So after the girl lost control...
Control of her music,
her stories,
her art...
She climbed onto the back of the nightmare.

And let it take her away.
Away into the further suffering
beyond the grave
beyond the purgatory.

Into the land of lost dreams,
the graveyard of hopes
of shed tears.

And so she was never seen
except in dreams
seen to be riding upon the back
the back of a mighty frightening nightmare.

© 2010 makaylarayne10

Author's Note

I have a dark mind. The first stanza doesn't really relate to the rest of it but oh well. I was still kind of half asleep when I wrote this so sorry if some of it makes no sense.

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Added on November 6, 2010
Last Updated on November 6, 2010



Middleville, MI

Hey, I'm Makayla. I love to write stories and have been reading novels since the first grade, starting with Harry Potter. I love the Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Mortal Intrument series and P.. more..