Why So Serious

Why So Serious

A Story by Marianne

Actually I don't have so much friends in life. And no one really cares of what I write, what I feel, what I am thinking about ... this is not because I am bad or because people are bad. My friends are just busy and I respect this, besides, I do believe that it is my fate and destiney to be alone and lonely all the time.

So, dear Marianne, I decieded to write, to speak up my mind. As long as there's a website where I can write and throw all the thoughts that I have.

Now as you know Marianne ... I watched a movie yesterday which is Dark Knight, and as you know I was really impressed by Heath Ledger role play "The Joker"

Why so serious ... let's put a smile on that face, he said.

The most important part, which really made me cr when I get back home is when he talked about "Chaos" ... he said "I don't plan for things ... I just do things"


I do believe in Chaos, however I am not the Joker. I take every single thing seriously, and I do plan for things and fail in doing them. Maybe if I always laugh at life, make fun of misery, maybe if I just do things as he says ... I will feel more comfortable ... I will be the Joker.


oopse ... does this website includes rating? Come on guys, I know that even if anyone came across this article accidentely ... may regret it ... I just mean to "TALK" I know it is worthless, I only want to talk. Sorry didn't mean to waste your time.



© 2008 Marianne

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Dear Marianne,
howaa meeeen menaa maby7esesh bel we7da!!!??? almost everyone from time to time does feel so lonely that they wish to just die, but we shouldn't ..we should try harder to find comfort in everything around us.
FIND friends and find people who can listen keep away from wet blankets who simply refuse to be around for you for few minutes. BE HAPPY, it's a choice..I know it's difficult but we have to keep trying to be happy. Keep in touch with those who make you happy and stay away from those who make you miserable for any reason.. I know that this too is hard..as we sometimes are just addicted to those who keep us miserable..and even though we know they treat us bad..we can't just get away..

Cairo-Egypt men amaam koshk 3am 3abdoo beta3 el sagayer ele 3ala nasyet share3 ya we7shene rod 3alya ezayak salamat motafara3 men share3 ana lak 3ala tool 7'aleek lya..

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on August 22, 2008
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Nasr City, Egypt

Hi, Am Marianne :-) 22 years old. I can't say that I am a good writer. I just like to express myself and express my thoughts and feelings. I don't mean to waste the time of anyone who will read what I.. more..

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