Searching for myself

Searching for myself

A Story by Marianne

Failed to be human


Hello Marianne,

Hopefully no one will read this but you. I know that no one will do and I will not invite my facebook friends or any other friends to see this. It is kind of personal and if anyone else read this will think it is shallow and stupid thinking.

I always wondered why I like vampires stories, why I always dream that I am a vampire, why I am into this gothic stuff?

And lately I found out that the reason which is really a foolish reason that I want to have a society, a community, a group of people.

Sometimes I feel that I failed to be a human, and that I am a bad invention. I can't be human, I can't have a normal life like humans. So why not to try a new invention, a new life. Live as a vampire. I know that some of them live in socities. So maybe I will have the chance to live among people, to have that thing which is called "interaction" with others.

© 2008 Marianne

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Marwa I appreciate your comment so much and I know that this is the opptemistic way of looking at things, maybe I can get that perspective in life.

Posted 15 Years Ago

I think this is a thought that cross our minds from time to time..that we feel lost and we feel we can't fit in so we start to search for ourselves, but we should never start searching for oursleves in a world of imagination! It's ok to like gothic things, but you never should forget that you are a beautiful human who affects other's lives and who has beautiful community of family and friends and if one time or dozen of times you think you can't fit in for any failure..that's normal and this is life, but you should never give in, you should never say i don't fit in..cuz somewhere in this world you WILL fit will find ppl like yourself with common interestes..ppl who can be your true friends..who can make you laugh and share your pain. NEVER GIVE UP, LADY!!

Posted 15 Years Ago

Your letter is awesome. I love how you start off with "hopefully no one will read this but you". It made me feel you were allowing me to see a well kept secret.

I hope he (or she) finds that interaction they were longing for.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Nasr City, Egypt

Hi, Am Marianne :-) 22 years old. I can't say that I am a good writer. I just like to express myself and express my thoughts and feelings. I don't mean to waste the time of anyone who will read what I.. more..

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